Disney Pools Become Handicapped Friendly

On our recent trip to Disney World we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Villas.  We make a point to go to the pool during any, and all of our trips.  The pools in Disney are always the right temperature no matter what time of year.

While we were at the swimming pool we noticed something new that has never been seen during previous trips.  We saw that handicapped lifts were now installed at the jacuzzi, and also the swimming pool area.  These are lifts that appear the user must change over from their wheelchair to the lift chair.  I have seen different ones in other places that look like the stair lifts.

After I did some research I was advised that Disney has been doing this to make sure all guests can be accommodated.  I don’t know how true this is, but it is nice to see that the handicapped, and the disabled can now enjoy the pool no matter what.


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What An Amazing Find We Made

Recently we started cleaning out some things from many years ago that I had found.  In these items I found a old Mickey Mouse Christmas Ladder.  This ladder goes next to the Christmas Tree, and has lights, and moving parts.  I realized when we found it that it would take some serious amount of work to make this item work correctly.  I was going to throw it away, but my wife decided that the two of us should take a little time and try to make the necessary repairs.  After a few days we completed the repairs that we saw needed to be made.  Now the item is good as new.  The item won’t be sold by me, but I have seen this item go for some good money.  Thanks dear for advising me to keep it.


After we finished with that we continued going through the rest of the things that I had been collecting.  We found a very old 33 record, and book.  While these were nice back in the day the times have changed, and everything is audiobook, or other digital means.  If I had a usb turntable it may have swayed my decision to heave this item, but I am not going to go out and spend money to be able to use something that has absolutelly very little value at this point in time.

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Disney Has Some Very Fast Service

My wife and I always joke about Disney being surrounded by a bubble.  Why we say that is because whenever there is a storm that blows through Florida it seems as if Disney always escapes unscathed.  You would think that based on their location that they would have some sort of damage.  Now either they have damage, and their workers are extremelly fast, or they can build a “Construction Wall” very fast to engulf the problem.  You never notice Disney workers in full body suits cleaning up hazardous materials, or mold components, either.

It is truly very amazing at how fast Disney is at servicing their customers, and their property.  If you look around after storms usually it looks as if it takes forever for things to get back to normal.  Up where I live Sandy blew through, and it left a wake of problems in its trail.  The electrical outages topped everything that I have ever read.  There was destruction.  The mold that came from the water levels is one of the problems that is being faced up here.

Have you ever noticed how fast they can put a facade up when they need one?  Then you also notice the facades that will probably be up forever.  (The one at River Country…)  I recently watched some of the Fantasyland construction videos that I saw initially some time ago.  I was amazed at seeing the wall go up around the back end where the construction was to start.  With workers, and plans that Disney makes you can only imagine what they could do if they didn’t have to have everything inspected.

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Character Clothing That Disney Makes

Back when Disney had a really well setup backlot you got to see how lots of things were done. The wardrobe department had a section setup that displayed some costumes from some of the most recent movies. Some of the costumes were well designed. Some of the costumes were things that I can’t imagine you could find at any stores that custom make fur coats for women. The fur from 101 Dalmations is just hideous looking. I am glad that my wife isn’t into fur coats. I can only imagine what she would come home with.

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Getting A Job With Disney

If you are ever thinking about pursuing a job with Disney it is very easy, but may take a little while.  When you are there are there all you have to do is go to the employment building which is right across from Downtown Disney.  Once there just fill out the necessary applications, and if there is an available person you can get a interview.

I am sure that once you apply you have to go through drug testing, and pre-employment screening, but that won’t be during the first visit as far as I know.  When I applied for employment with Disney I got to speak to someone, and they were going to see if there was a job that fit my desires.  A week later I got a call with the offered work, and the rate of pay that I could receive if hired.

Being we make decisions as a family I discussed the opportunity with my wife.  She told me that I could take the job, but I would have to go to work in Orlando for a month, or so before she would make the jump of moving down to Florida.  I understand her reasons to this.  I ended up not taking the job because I enjoy working for myself, and I do exactly what I like doing.  I am sure that I could have gotten a good position with Disney, but at that time the changes would have been major for us.

Who knows… Maybe when I am older I will rethink the whole idea again.  I would rather greet people at Disney World instead of greeting people at WalMart.

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