Our Little One Is Growing Up

Many years ago my wife and I discussed that there would come a time when our little one would start to grow tired of Disney.  Now I don’t mean Disney World, but I mean all of the little Disney things.  She used to love having Disney posters, and stuffed animals around her room.  Now she wants things that a older girls wants.  Music posters, and stuff like that.  She doesn’t mind going to Disney World because we go to the parks that she wants, and go on rides that she wants.  We don’t make her go on the little kiddie rides anymore because she is very emotional about things.

When she started school this year we asked her if she was going to use her Disney backpack anymore, and she immediatelly told us NO.  I guess that she didn’t want to feel out of place.  This caused us to have to go buy her a new backpack.  The one we got looked more like the hiking backpacks look like.  This is what she chose, and we don’t want her to feel out of place now that she is in 6th grade.

When did you have to make major changes for your child?

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Disney Nuts… Well We Are

I have been going to Disney World, and DisneyLand since I was a baby.  Now I am married, and have brought the magic of Disney into my home.  We go to Disney World 1-2 times a year, and we are DVC owners.  Well, many times my wife and I have thought of redoing our kitchen, and theming it Disney.  After we realized how much money it would cost because of the appliances, floor, walls, fixtures that would need replacing we scrapped the idea.  I have a room that is used mainly for watching tv in the house, and occassionally it is where our guests stay.  I would like to take that room, and make it over to be a Disney Home Theater.  I have seen pictures of what others have done in their homes, and it relieves me to see that others do it, and I am not just a Disney geek.  My uncle “L” might find me a bit off my rocker, but Disney is what I like most next to Star Wars, and my video games.

I found this photo of a “Nautilus Theater” that someone had done in their home.  The money it must have taken is what I can’t put through my mind.  If I could just find a cheap way to get some cutouts of a few Disney characters, and some paintings of a few Disney scenes, then I would be alright.  Then all I would have to do is find some home theater furniture to go with the theme.  I would probably choose Fantasia Mickey, or Jessica Rabbit.  I would do all my own sound, and video work, so I don’t have to spend to have someone come in to do it for me.

I don’t know which one…

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Disney Toys She Won’t Get Rid Of

For many years my daughter has been going to Disney World.  She loves getting, and buying Disney toys.  Each year that she went she used to purchased Mr Potato Head items.  She has a rather large collection of them now.  She also got a Magic Kingdom Playset when she was much younger.  I thought the Magic Kingdom Playset was pretty cool because she got to play “in” the Magic Kingdom when we weren’t there.

We were looking to clean out some of her playroom the other day, and we asked her about those things because she just doesn’t play with them anymore.  She told us that she didn’t want to get rid of them yet.  I guess it works out for us because when younger children come over to our house with their parents we have something for them to play with.

I don’t know where she gets the hoarding from, but she needs to learn now that it isn’t a good thing to hold onto things forever.  I have a small Star Wars collection, but that is a different story.  I loved Star Wars as a child, and I have accumulated a rather large collection of games, toys, and more that don’t get used by anyone.  One day when I am much older, and broke I will see what they are worth.

Do you have a collection of things that you won’t get rid of either?

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Having a Disney Baby.

I have been trying to convince my wife that we should have one more child.  I know that we don’t have many more years of prime production years left.  She is trying to finish up loosing weight before she crosses that avenue.

I told her that I want to make it a Disney baby.  Everything that we can do would be Disney.  I have found baby announcements, clothing, furniture, and well… just about anything you can imagine.  I am a Disney person.  We took our daughter to Disney for the first time at @ 2 months old.

I am very happy with my daughter.  I would just like to have one more child.  Our daughter thinks that we don’t love her because we have discussed having another child.  She is just a little worried that she will lose some of the attention.  She will, but she will also be older, and won’t want to be around us as much.

Has anyone else had this situation, and had to make a decision?

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