Swimming In Disney World

Being a Disney Vacation Club member we have had our opportunities to stay in many of the resorts.  On top of that I stayed at many as a child, and when I met my wife.  After going to Disney World at almost every time of the year we have come to find out that the swimming pools are usable almost anytime of the year.  I can only imagine the bill that Disney spends to keep the pools warm.  On top of the utility they spend a good penny on the other equipment similar to Rheem heat pumps.  I can’t say what the temperature is of the pools, but they are comfortable.  Getting out of the pools during certain times of the year is a different story.

I remember the first time we went as a family to Disney during one of the colder months how my wife and daughter thought I was crazy to say that we were going to be able to go swimming.  Now that my daughter knows Disney World has heated pools she insists on going swimming whenever we are down there.  She gets to flaunt to her friends that she is going swimming during the winter.

Back here in New Jersey she gets mad because we close the pool in September, and don’t open it until roughly June.  This is because I didn’t want to have the expense of gas, or the heater unit.

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