1900 Park Fare Dining

My family has eaten at 1900 Park Fare for many years.  1900 Park Fare is located in the Grand Floridian Resort of Walt Disney World.  They feature a buffet style dining experience.  In comparison to most of the other dining experiences this one stands out.

You are whisked into a dining room that is decorated in the Victorian style.  There are carousel animals throughout the area.  There is even an old style organ high above the room.


During dining you have the opportunity to meet several characters.

Dinner hosts Cinderella, Prince Charmin, Wicked Stepmother, and the Sisters.

In comparison to many years ago Disney has changed their styles of food.  It appears that they have gone into foods that are cheaper to cook from my standpoint.  No matter what you still almost need diet pills to keep from eating until you burst.  The food is very tasty.  I am still upset because I have yet to find another location on Disney grounds that serves Banana Fosters like they had at 1900 Park Fare.

The bill will definitelly leave you wishing you had eaten more.  The experience is one of a kind.

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Dining…Have you ever…?

Last night we went to 1900 Park Fare for dinner.  We routinely go there, as the food is excellent.  For some reason I was under the impression that dinner for an adult was @$30.

Dinner in the past has always had shrimp, and things that just aren’t in Disney’s agenda anymore.  Maybe the economic issues are starting to effect them.  The prices are going up, and the food is getting smaller in quantity.

We all ate dinner, and were getting ready to leave when the bill came.  I looked at the bill, and I thought I might need a surgeon, as my eyes almost fell out of my head.  I perused the room with my eyes, and noticed what looked like a trend.  Other people were also looking at their bills like they had just given birth, or just bought a house.

Why is it that all of the good things in Disney seem to cost more, and the quantity of what you get seems to be getting smaller?

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