October 2009 Trip Report Part 3



Tonight we went to Mickey’s Not So Scary party in the Magic Kingdom.  This is a party that turns the Magic Kingdom into a kid/adult halloween party zone.

Upon purchasing a ticket for this event you proceed through the turnstyle.  Once you enter the gate you are subject to doom if you remove a wristband that is placed on you.  A few steps later you are given a Trick or Treat bag.  We started the evening by watching the parade that goes through the Magic Kingdom 2 times per night.  The parade is opened by the Headless Horseman.  Another of the parade features was the ghosts from the haunted mansion.  A lot of the Disney characters are in the parade.  Some short video clips will be put up as soon as I can.  Keep looking for them.

Some of the rides through the Magic Kingdom are open for riding.  Taking advantage of the smaller crowds is one thing that I would suggest.  We went on People Mover, Speedway, Tea Cups, and Peter Pan.  Throughout the park there are candy stations for kids, and adults to get some candy given to them.  This was great because the little one wasn’t home in NJ to be able to go door to door trick or treating.


Rare Photo Of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Along the way you will also find a few spots that have character greeting areas, and there was also a dance area in Tomorrowland, and Fantasyland.  We got lucky enough to get a once in a lifetime photo of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs during the party.  Other photo opps that we missed because of time were Pooh & Eeyore, Tweetle Dee & Tweetle Dum, Queen & White Rabbit, Buzz Lightyear, and others were scattered throughout the park.


Wife & Little One Painted

There was a FREE face painting area setup in Toontown, and the wife, and little one got done up.  The party ends at 12 midnight, but there is a lot for everyone to do.  There is 1 fireworks show per night, and the music that is played seemed well placed with the show.  Prices vary based on when you purchase, and what day you are going to go.

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