Disney Should Protect Themself

Over the years there have been a few fatal accidents at the Disney World Resort in Florida.  Only after lawsuits were brought about did anyone actually find out that quite a few, if not all of the victims were not exactly in perfect health.  Maybe Disney needs to think up a way to require people to have something on file that shows their health condition.  I know… This would be impossible to enforce, and people would probably just not go to the parks.

I know that this sounds a bit over the edge, but at the same time too many people are trying to sue someone.  It isn’t just Disney.  Other large companies have been sued by shrewd people.  After I read through quite a few of the reports they found ekgs that showed previous issues existed.

What do you think about the lovely people that are out to hurt whomever they must in order to try and make a buck?

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Second Tragic Accident Within A Year

I ask that we observe a moment of silence for a boy involved in a accident in Disney World.

I have been going to Disney World for may years, and I have yet to be involved in any situation that causes me to question the transportation on grounds.  The operators of all Disney transportation go through rigorous training, and certifications.  Many of the trainings exceed state standards.

During one of the busiest seasons for the Disney resort comes a very tragic story.  In the wooded resort of Fort Wilderness comes the loss of a boy.  Today a 9 year old Florida boy was killed when he was struck by a Disney bus.  It is stated that the boy ran into the side of the Disney bus.  The State Troopers are conducting a homicide investigation currently.  This tragedy brings the bus incident count to 3 within the last 6 months, and the fatality count to 2 within the past year.  Last summer a monorail driver was tragically killed due to a “malfunctioning” track switch.  Disney was fined by OSHA for violations found in that investigation.

Our condolences go out to the family of the boy.

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Golf Carts In Ft. Wilderness

For many years we rented a golf cart when we went to Ft. Wilderness. It was very nice to be able to casually drive around, and get places without having to worry about our car. You can only move around the Ft. Wilderness location. You cannot go outside, or anything like that.

I just read an article, and I would suspect that Disney is going to look at the ramifications, and maybe change their policies regrading personal golf carts.  I hope the little girl recovers ok.

Here is the article…

Girl, 4, severely injured in crash at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness
News — By admin on November 2, 2009 at 1:27 pm

From Sentinel Staff Writer Bianca Prieto
A 4-year-old girl was seriously injured this weekend at Disney’s Fort Wilderness when a golf cart she was riding overturned, partially pinning her underneath.

The child was riding with her father in their personal golf cart around 10:30 p.m. Saturday when the cart overturned. The driver, Charles Wickt, 37, of Big Pine Key, told officers that he swerved to avoid another cart that was driving toward them without lights, Orange County Sheriff’s Office reports show.

When the cart turned over the girl was thrown from the passenger seat and pinned. She suffered injuries to her neck, head and face, reports show. She was flown to Arnold Palmer Hospital where she was rushed into surgery. She was listed in stable condition.

Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

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