Adventureland Suite Disneyland Hotel

I have never been to any of the suites in either Disney World, or Disneyland.  Seeing what they have come up with for guests makes me want to go and stay at one of the suites like the Adventureland Suite at the Disneyland Hotel.  In Disney World they have the Castle Suite, but that is about the most ellaborate accomodations that I can think of.  I know that there is a Mickey Mouse Penthouse, and a Fairy Tale Suite also at the Disneyland Hotel.

After reading I noticed that it is only a fake fireplace.  This obviously has to do with many factors like use, safety, cleaning, and more.  Are there actual fireplace inserts there, or is it just a piece to look like a fireplace?

Info from the Disney Blog…

“This suite takes guests on the most luxurious safari ever. With the feel of an explorers’ camp from the 1930s, the Adventureland Suite features a master bedroom fashioned as a safari lodge with a claw-foot bathtub in the living area. In the master bathroom lies a grotto with a foot spa, steam and rain showers, and lighting and sound effects that make you feel like you’re in a rain forest or a savanna. Younger explorers will love the second bedroom, which makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a safari tent.

The Asian/Indian-inspired main living area includes a wet bar, a flat-screen TV hidden behind artwork above the faux fireplace, and a “hidden” closet (hint: try the bookcase). When you’re in this suite, it even sounds like you’re in the jungle: the doorbell “rings” with tiki gods playing drums, and – for the first time in a Disneyland Hotel suite – themed background music plays three separate tracks inspired by the Jungle Cruise, Disney adventure-themed movies and world music first created for Disney’s Animal Kingdom.”

Have you ever stayed at any of the Disney suites?

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Places We Never Got To Stay Yet…

Over the past many years we have stayed in quite a few of the Disney World resorts.  As a child I spent a great many years in a lot of them also.  We mainly stayed at the Grand Floridian for most of what I remember.  Having the “Gold Key” was a great thing.  Everything was included as far as I remember.

When I took my wife to Disney for her first time we went with my parents.  We stayed in a tent in Fort Wilderness because we didn’t have much money.  We quickly got out of there because a major storm rolled through, and our tent became an instant swimming pool ruining all of our stuff for the most part.

After that we stayed at the All Star Movies, Music, and Sports whenever we went down to Florida.  A few years ago before we bought our timeshare we drove down to Disney, and rented an RV to be taken to Fort Wilderness.  We found this to be great.  Now with the Disney Vacation Club ownership we have lost touch with where we started.

We haven’t stayed at the Contemporary, Beach Club, or Port Orleans.  I don’t remember ever staying in these as a child, but I may be wrong.

We were discussing the other day either taking our camper down to Disney, or possibly even renting a cabing in Fort Wilderness.  We have never been in them, or even seen them, but I have heard that they are very nice.  They may not have all the ammenities of a hotel room, or resort, but they are affordable.  I have no idea if there is enough sleeping space, log beds, air conditioning, or what.

Has anyone ever stayed in one?  What are they like?

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