Backlot Tour & The Lights, Motor, Action Show

I miss the days of the Disney MGM Studios, which are now known as Hollywood Studios, having the backlot tour with residential street.  The film houses being decorated was a really nice sight.  One of the last times I got to see that was with my wife, and her mother.  It was her mothers first, and only time in Disney World before she died.  She enjoyed herself as much as she could despite the fact that she was really sick.  Anyway… The Osbourne lights are now setup on the street that leads up to Lights, Motor, Action.  This is the attraction that caused the real backlot tour to cease being around.  I am not really enthralled with the new Osbournes light show that is put on.  It isn’t the same as it was, and that was a sight.

Lights, Motor, Action is a car action stunt show that basically shows how auto scenes in movies are created.  There are a lot of different things that go on.  There are a few parts that have human stunts being done, and a lot of auto stunts.  The stunts are performed in specially designed cars.  Some of these cars are even driven from the rear.  Cars jump a wall of flames that come from a set of stainless steel drums.  Herbie even makes an appearance in the show.

We like the show a lot.  Be forewarned… make sure to get a FastPass if you can, and if you can’t then be sure to be there early for the show you want to see.

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