Advertising Has Gone A New Route

Have you ever watched a TV show, and noticed how many times they show a specific item?  Well, it is coming more noticeable that the TV show writers are finding ways to advertise products without even going to commercial.  Disney has gotten to be a master at this.  They always seem to find ways to plug the theme parks, vacations, and cruises into almost anything that they do.  One of these days Disney will figure a way to get rid of commercials all together with.  I say this because they seem to be ahead of everyone when it comes to doing things.

I would have never noticed the extent of the advertising if it wasn’t for my wife.  The other day she was watching a soap and the cast was talking about headaches.  The next thing you know they are telling about it, and zooming into the bottle.  My wife said that she has even seen one for getting rid of blackheads on nose positioned into a TV.  I am sure that this is a way to make a company happy because they not only got their commercials on TV, but now they are impacting people without forcing them to watch commercials.  We all know that commercials have gone by way of the wind since DirecTV got the dvr, and the other companies got TiVo, etc.…

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