Security, Ignorance, Or What?

I was listening to a local radio station today, and heard about a family that was subject to what I would say was “The worst, and most insensitive handling of a situation.”  A family was taking a vacation to Walt Disney World.  The son of 4 years old has enough challenges due to being born @16 weeks early.  The boys ankles are malformed, and his legs have low muscle tone.  He had just begun walking in March.  Once the family had gotten to the TSA checkpoint the father took the boys stroller and put it on the conveyor so it could be scanned.  The family went through the detectors, and after the detector sounded on the boy the TSA screener instructed the family that the boys leg braces must come off, and he must walk through.  What kind of person would do this, and how long have they been at their job?  I would hope they were new because if a experienced person did that, then I would be questioning “How could this have happened?”

In the end the boy walked through, and the family went on their way.  The spokeswoman for the TSA stated that the boys braces should not have come off.  The director for that airports TSA apologized for this happening.  Being a Camden police officer maybe the father has seen his share of people getting one over on the system because he isn’t asking for any lawsuits, etc.  He only wanted to make sure that this wouldn’t happen to anyone else.

I wouldn’t personally go after anyone financially for this, but I know some people that would have.  In the end one of the things that would have happened if those people pushed would have been the worker doing a job search.

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