Smoking In Disney World

My uncle is a big cigar smoker.  I haven’t been to Disney World with him as far back as I remember.  He used to go to DisneyLand to just sit and eat, and enjoy the atmosphere while smoking his cigars.  Needless to say that he obviously can’t do that anymore. I just found out in searching through the maps of Downtown Disney that there is a cigar bar named Fuego.  This sounds like a place that my uncle would really enjoy.  I can imagine the money that they are making, and wonder if they actually sell cigars also.

Nevermind… Disney is against smokers.

While I am talking about smoking…
Smoking outside is still outside. If you don’t like the smoke, then walk somewhere else. How can the government justify putting any restrictions on our outside areas? What’s next… Our homes? Our cars? Our funerals? Let everyone do as they wish. If it isn’t illegal to smoke, or drink, then stop being the concerned mother. You can be concerned if you police both equally.

Now that Disney has alienated the smokers I don’t enjoy my time there as much because I have to be inconvenienced in many ways.  I used to be able to smoke in our room, and that has changed.  They ended that abruptly for everyone including DVC.  Now they just offer a “Cleaning” fee if you are found to be smoking in the rooms.  In the parks you need a map to find the smoking areas.  By the way… the smoking areas seem to move around based on the time of year at the parks.  Several have not moved, but several have moved.  Why do the smokers have to take so much garbage?  Can anyone actually point me to any statistic that actually states “Smoking” as a killer?  I think not.  Actually I know not.  Cancer is caused by many things, and smoking has been part of the hitlist for a long time.

When the government realizes that alcohol does more damage than cigarettes we will have a changed nation.  The reason I think the government doesn’t want to do anything is any of the following reasons… DWI fines, Alcohol taxes, and Alcohol “Proceeds”.

Big Brother can claim all that they want, but until they have solid proof of cigarettes actually killing someone, then they should leave the smokers alone. Once again… Show me one statistical chart showing “SMOKING” as the cause of death, and I may reconcider my opinion, and thoughts.

Disney… stop the one way thinking, and start thinking “Fully Politically Correct.” If you are going to be narrow minded, then make sure you don’t look like a hypocrite. If you are going to stop the smoking because it is “Bad for You”, then I would suggest you look at the other family member… Alcohol. I know I won’t get a DWS (Driving While Smoking) offense on my license. I also know that one cigarette too many won’t cause me to drive erratic, and crash into a bus full of people and kill them. Also think of how many cartoons showed characters smoking in them. How can you change your thinking process? Is it because so many alcohol companies are willing to get into bed with you so both of you can make money?

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Disney World Signs


Have you ever noticed how many “Welcome”, and entrance signs there are around Disney World in comparison to the “Exit” signs?  I have often wondered why a person doesn’t see many exit signs.  Maybe Disney doesn’t want you to actually leave in the hopes that you will get lost on grounds, and decide to stay.  Some of the signs on Disney grounds are a little vague.  I refer to the “XYZ Resort Area” signs.  If you don’t know in fact which resort you are in the area of, then you wouldn’t know which exit you would need to take to get back to your hotel.

Speaking of signs that you see an awful lot… Well being a smoker I notice that Disney doesn’t seem to like to publicize the whole smoking thing much.  They push us smokers into little corners that are out of site… out of mind.  Meanwhile the drunks get to run amuck in the parks in front of fragile children that shouldn’t have to be exposed to alcohol to begin with.  If they want to filter out smoking, then fair is fair… filter out the drinking.  Why make the Magic Kingdom “Alcohol Free”, and leave everything else subject to poor judgement?

I personally would like to see a few of these signs around Disney.  I don’t want my child subject to alcohol anyway you look at it.  I know quite a few alcoholics in my life.  There is casual drinking, and then there is out of control drinking.  I would venture to guess that at least 50%, or more don’t know when to say “NO!”

Have you ever noticed the “Speed Hump” sign?  Well, that sign alone says it all.  Since when did a bump become a hump?  This was weird for me to see for the first time, as it is very humorous in some ways.  That is a sign that belongs in New York City, and even Los Angeles.  (2 of the most well known “Shady” activity areas.)

Why can’t they keep it simple?

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The Debate – Alcohol or Smoking

I am a smoker, and I do not drink.  I am not bias in either situation.  I choose not to drink because one of my previous jobs showed me what alcohol can do to a life.

The government has brainwashed everyone to fully believe that smoking is bad.  While this may be true, they don’t brainwash anyone about the truly harmful “Alcohol.”  Being that there are no actual “set in standard” statistics for either incident there are many sources that can show statistics that they have compiled.

While smoking causes “First Hand”, and “Second Hand” diseases there are many factors to take into consideration.  While cancer is not something to take lightly, there is no puplicly shared hard proofed data regarding deaths caused by “smoking.”  They can say someone died from cancer, but I have yet to read “died from smoking.”

In my area of the globe we have a town that had a cancer outbreak that was apparently linked to a company with initials CG.  Cancer has been suspectedly linked to automotive exhaust, drinking, and quite a few more things.
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Disney – No-Smoking / Go Drinking Policy

While I am not bias in any of this situation, I appeal to all of you to understand why I am writing this article.  Disney has imposed some serious rules regarding smoking.  They have made it so that a person staying at one of their hotels, or even the DVC resorts cannot smoke in the privacy of their “Residence.”

They have writen in numerous letters that the stopped the smoking privelidge in the hotels due to the lack of requests for that type of room.  They later state that if you are caught smoking in the rooms you will be charged for a SUPER CLEANING.  They have even gone as far as to allow smokers to only smoke in “Hidden – Off the Beaten Trail” locations.  What would you call this?

While Disney makes no money off of the cigarette industry, they do make money off of the Alcohol industry.  In the past Disney even made it more common for alcohol to be in more places than it ever was before.  You can now purchase alcohol in the Water Parks, and in the Theme Parks.  Disney can employ a legal bartender, and make huge profits off the alcohol industry.  You don’t need anything special to sell cigarettes.  Actually… Finding cigarettes on Disney grounds is getting harder, and harder.  Look for them.  You won’t find many locations at all.

While I understand all of the concerns about the smoking, and the children… I still feel that I don’t want my child subjected to the growing alcoholism problem.  Factually speaking, I fear the alcoholics that drink just one too many when they are around my child.  I don’t think a person is going to start a fist fight after going outside, and having one cigarette too many.  Cigarettes don’t make people “crazy.”  Alcohol has its possibilities if combined incorrectly.

Allowing the children to see “Adults” drinking is not good for the newer generations.  Children are already irresponsible with alcohol.  Now add on top of that the fact that when they go to a Theme Park that is supposed to be family oriented they see people drinking to their hearts content.  While smoking is not a immediate killer… Drinking can be an immediate killer.

I actually heard of someone getting the paramedics called on them because he had gotten so drunk that he passed out, and they didn’t know if he was breathing.  This only being one instance that I can site… I am sure that there are a lot more issues that have come up, but have never made it to the news because Disney does know how to Close-out the media.

On my past cruise I actually had to set an example of how rules get changed, and I follow them.  My wife, and I were hanging out with a family from the cruise that we met prior to sailing.  We sat down on the designated side of the boat for smokers.  Within a few minutes people complained, and a Disney cast member came to me, and asked us to move because we were not in the designated smoking section.  After verifying my knowledge of the recently changed rules I advised the cast member that he needed to check with his supervisor, and then he needed to make sure that other guests complaining knew that the rules were just changed.  We stayed there smoking, and again I noticed the same guest requesting a Senior cast member address the issue.  I advised that same cast member of the in place rules.  He apologized.  The guest seemed very annoyed, and gave us dirty looks for the duration of their stay at their table.

I personally feel that not only Disney, but all entities that can put rules on smoking should have parallel rules on drinking.  We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves, but when Disney allows drinking in a family environment they open themselves up to scrutiny.  I will be the first to hold Disney accountable when a drunk, or slightly drunk does something to ruin my vacation. 

Drinking in the water parks is a totally different issue.  Alcohol takes its toll in different ways on different people.  Now add the sun, and heat to the equation, and you get a unpredictable combination.

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