American Idol – Disney World w/ Photos

I am hoping for some video footage from Jeff at JeffLangeDVD.Com.

This is the full write up that I received…(One of the many Disney Newsletters I receive.)

Get Discovered at The American Idol Experience

Love entertaining live audiences? Think you’re destined for fame? Now aspiring singers can take a step closer to realizing their dreams as Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park in Florida unveils one of its most anticipated attractions ever, The American Idol Experience. Like its television counterpart, The American Idol Experience is a real-live talent search that awards top vote recipients from the finale show with a Dream Ticket to audition for the actual show. There’s no guarantee Guests will appear on television, but who wouldn’t want to take a shot at superstardom?

Imagineers worked with the show’s set designer, Andy Walmsley, to recreate the original stage down to every last detail. Laura Offerdahl, Event Producer at Walt Disney World Resort, describes the reaction from those affiliated with the show. “The Freemantle Media and 19 Entertainment people were amazed by how much our set looks like the real thing. Former Idol stars David Cook and David Archuleta felt like they were having déjà vu when they stepped on stage. Everyone’s been blown away by the set and that’s exactly what we were looking for. We wanted that wow factor because it’s the first thing Guests see when entering the theater. It’s just like what’s on TV.”
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