Disney World Apps Are Springing Up Everywhere

Having an Android phone I found out that the keyword Disney returns a lot of results on the Android Market.  I also found out from other people that the same stands true for IPhones.  The IPhones seem to get a few things more than others like apps designed specifically by Disney for use in the parks.  Androids aren’t special enough I guess.

When you look at Blackberry phones there aren’t many apps as of yet, but being the Blackberry is making some bold moves they will probably get a few more apps in the future.  I had a Blackberry on Sprint many years ago.  I found that the Blackberry was not an all around phone.  It was more for the business person.  When you are in Disney next look for Blackberry cases on peoples belts.  It appears that the Blackberry market is slowly converting to Androids, and IPhones.

Here is a factual quote that I ran into…

“Over the three-month period ended April 30, Android nabbed a 36.4% share of the market, while the iPhone took a 26% share and RIM fell to third place with a 25.7% share, down from 30.4% in the three-month period ended Jan. 31, according to the ComScore report released Friday.”

What is your current phone?

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Why Can’t I Find More Apps

I have a Droid from Sprint, and I am continually searching the Android Market for new apps that I can use.  I have noticed that some companies seem to have their phone apps focused on IPhones.  I honestly don’t understand why they would center on one type of phone rather than on all types of phones.  I sometimes wonder if they get a portion of the profits from apps sold for IPhones.

I am getting ready to look into purchasing an Android App Maker package that I ran into.  I know that a lot more people that I know have Droids.  What surprised me was that my father now has a Droid.  Then again I sometimes think that he has to stay up to date with what the smarter boys have.  I convinced my brother to get a Droid, and then it land slided from there.

What type of phone do you have?  What is your take on the IPhone?  What is your take on Android?


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Recommended Disney Android Apps

I am continually looking for good Android apps for my Disney experiences.  I have recently compiled a list of a few of them for you.  You will need the Barcode Reader app installed to use the QR codes below.

  • Ship Mate – Disney Cruise (Jan Jirout)

This app by far is the best app I have found.  Interactive maps, and information about the cruise ships.  You can also see the schedules.

  • Disney Channel TV
  • Days Left Widget (Leihwelt.com)

This app makes a little countdown on your screen.

  • Disney World Wait Times (VersaEdge Software)

This app lets you view, and also update wait times for attractions throughout the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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Disney Should Work With Other Companies

On a recent trip to Disney World I decided that I would do some searching for some Android apps that dealt with the parks.  What I ended up finding were just a few demo versions that were out, and then there were the paid versions of the same.  There are apps to monitor show, ride lines, and more.  After not finding anything that was actually published by Disney I found out that Disney did have their hands into the Android market, but it appears that only Verizon gets access to the app.  I had, and still have Sprint.  Back when I first started looking for an app I had a HTC Hero with htc sense.  Now I have a Galaxy S phone.  Why is that?  They could make so much more money if they allowed other carriers access to the same app.  I love my Android, but I just wish that someone would work it out with Disney to make an app that I would enjoy using each time I go to Disney World.

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Another Disney World Droid App

I have been searching, and searching for a good Disney World app that will tell me the times for the queues at the parks.  Well, recently I found an app that looks like it may be the one that runs off beyond all others that I have tried.  It is called Disney World Wait Times Lite.

I have downloaded the app from the Android Market.  I can only currently see the wait times, and check out the ride information because your phones gps needs to be able to acknowledge that you are in the area.  This is so that people don’t just enter information for the heck of it.  The app has data compiled from other users that are in the Disney World resort.  You can find wait times, and information about certain rides.  I will be trying it out at the end of the month, so I will report back to you here with my final impressions.

The Android app seems very easy to use, and looks very pleasing to the eyes.  There is a “Premium” version available, and has additional features.

This app is also available on the IPhone.  You can also get it by clicking HERE.

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