Upcoming Vacation To Orlando

At the end of March we are taking a small trip down to Orlando.  We are going to stay in one of our timeshare resorts on Disney grounds.  This year it will be the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  For the most part we usually bounce around between Old Key West, and the Animal Kingdom Lodge because of point values on our DVC membership.  We have quite a bit of plans already made, but there are still some things that need attending to.  This year we have also made considerable changes to our clothing situation.  My wife is currently making sure that her shoes are going to be comfortable enough for the trip.  She always has aching feet by the end of our trip.  If we get there and she is having issues we may have to go out and find her some sort of better supporting sneakers, or even orthaheel sandals if they can be found.

We have 1 day in the Disney parks already arranged.  From there we will probably check out some of the area attractions.  Our daughter has gotten tired of Disney.  Now that I have said that I will add this… I never thought that any child of mine would grow tired of Disney.  I mean it’s not like we go into the parks every single day.  We usually only go into the parks 1 or 2 times.

During this trip we have already discussed that we mainly want to hit a few rides, and also check out the new additions to Fantasyland.  From the photos, and videos that I have seen I don’t foresee being disappointed with what they have accomplished.

One thing that I think that Disney should do is find some sort of way to give DVC members access to a special “Fastpass”.  After all the DVC members have spent quite a bit of money.

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Animal Kingdom Villas Review

We just returned from Disney World today.  We drove down the day after Christmas, and left Florida on the 3rd.  While we were there we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Our room was located in Jambo House.  This is the original hotel location that got several floors upgraded for DVC member accommodations.  We stayed there once previously, but it was not in a DVC accommodation because they weren’t fully finished as of yet.

As we entered the building we were teased with the smells of African food from one of the restaurants.  Being that we were situated with our food we did not have a chance to dine in the restaurants this trip.  We have heard that the restaurants are good.

Staying in the Jambo House we have found that the rooms have great views.  The layout of the 1 bedroom is slightly different than we are used to in comparison to Old Key West.  There is no FULL size jacuzzi tub.  There is a couch bed, and a chair bed in addition to the master bed.  In general the room felt slightly smaller than the Old Key West rooms.  We were in a Savannah view room.  Stepping out your porch door and seeing giraffe, and more just seems to make it so much more worth it.

The downside to Jambo House is that there is very few smoking areas.  You either need to go the the front of the building, or to the pool area.  This has a lot to do with animal safety.  The room had carpeting, and the kitchen, and bath were tiled.  The one thing that we would really find to be a nice change would be for the rooms to have wood flooring like the alloc original laminate that we have seen in some other timeshares.  The buses seemed to take forever.  I am sure that this had a lot to do with the holidays.

The lodge had their Christmas tree up still when we got there.  Towards the end of our stay we noticed some of the decorations being removed.  Overall the lodge is very nice looking, and the accomodations are acceptable.

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