Animal Kingdom Villas Update

Continuing on with any information that I get, or find I have put up some more information about the Animal Kingdom Villas.  This information comes from another site we frequent.  They have posted a vast amount of information, and I am just helping to pass it on.

Other posts on the Animal Kingdom Villas are at:


5th Floor – Floor Plan (click to enlarge)



Some Room Views

To purchase Animal Kingdom Villas will cost a bit more than the veteran DVC’ers have paid in the past.  Below you will find a cost sheet for purchase.


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More on Animal Kingdom Villas

One of our partners has recently gotten photos, and videos of many of the areas at the new Animal Kingdom Lodge section known as Kidani Village.

Click HERE for a slideshow of the photos. 


I personally liked what I saw at the preview center at Saratoga Springs. My wife really wants to stay there, and I am going to see what I can do for her.

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Disney DVC – Animal Kingdom Villas – Review

Here is some information about the Disney DVC Resort Old Key West.

Animal Kingdom Villas is amongst the newest of the resorts on the DVC list. This resort is also amongst the “Hotel Type.” While the actual DVC rooms are not completed, Disney has refurbished some of the original rooms to be similar to what the DVC rooms are expected to be. Reservations for the resort are supposed to start for April occupancy.

The best feature I found with this resort is that you can walk onto your balcony, and see Live animals. (If you have a Savanah view) Waking up in the morning to watch animals from your window is by far one of the most amazing things that a person can do, in my impression.

The resort is themed around the African lifestyle. The pool is of good size, and enjoyable for children. There is a slide at this pool. Transportation by the Disney buses is great. The bus stop is a little off of the range of closeness to the resort entrance. There is a restaurant at the resort that serves up authentic foods for the theme.

Below you will find the floorplans to the Animal Kingdom Villas.

This is a rendering of the proposed Animal Kingdom Villas DVC building.

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