Disney Sets Age Requirements


The happiest place on Earth is setting some new rules.

Disney is changing its policy for children and teenagers trying to get into the park alone.

Beginning on Saturday, anyone under 14 will not be able to walk through the gates by themselves.

Each Walt Disney Park and Resort has had its own admission policy but the company said it was time to establish a consistent company-wide procedure.

If an unaccompanied guest appears to be younger than 14, a cast member at the front gates will engage in a conversation with the guest to determine his or her age, since children that age do not typically carry identification.

If the visitor is underage, the child’s parent or guardian would be contacted and that adult would need to physically come to accompany the child into the park.

Disney chose the age of 14 after surveying guests and reaching out to organizations that deal with child welfare.

Those groups agreed the new age limit was the most appropriate, and also noted 14 is the age the Red Cross recommends for baby-sitting.

A Disney spokeswoman said the change is not a response to any particular incident.


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Disney World Is Getting An Avatar

I was just checking through some news that I get about Disney.  I have quoted from The Independent the following piece that I found totally amazing.  Whether or not this actually happens will totally depend on Disney.  It seems that they change their plans continuously.

Disney will build a new Avatar-themed amusement park, the entertainment giant confirmed September 20.

The world’s first Avatar-themed land will be constructed at multi-park Walt Disney World in Florida, within the existing Animal Kingdom area, but with an option to expand into other Disney parks.

Avatar director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau will work with Disney to create the park, which Cameron said would “go beyond current boundaries of technical innovation and experiential storytelling.”

Guests will be able to experience the mysterious universe of Avatar firsthand through the park, with construction expected to begin in 2013.

With two further Avatar films expected in the coming years, the park will explore locations, characters and stories that have not yet appeared on screen, James Cameron confirmed.

The park will include rides, shops and places to eat and drink and will take around five years to build.

The enhancement is the latest in a series of new features forWalt Disney World, the world’s most popular theme park, with millions being spent on enhancing the brand’s theme park offerings.

Earlier this year, a new attraction based on the epic Star Warsfilm opened, featuring 50 different storylines, 3D digital video and motion-based simulators.

Despite a global growth in world theme parks, visitor numbers at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom fell by 1.5 percent last year – although with 16.9 million visitors, it remains far and away the most popular theme park in the world, accounting for the lion’s share of visitors to Walt Disney World.

Animal Kingdom, where the Avatar attraction is to be built, attracted just over 9.6 million visitors, according to the Theme Entertainment Association – a number that is sure to surge when the Navi’i arrive.

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Wild Africa Trek Coming Soon

Disney is bringing another adventure to visitors of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Here is the information.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Navigating a rickety footbridge over a river chasm can be dicey enough for explorers. In an all-new Disney adventure, what lurks below that bridge may quicken their step to get to the other side: Crocodiles!

A ravine of menacing-looking crocs, pools of hippos, bushwalks along untracked terrain and other thrills await guests on Wild Africa Trek, a unique wildlife experience scheduled to launch in early 2011 into the deepest, most-remote reaches of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Reservations can be booked beginning Oct. 15, 2010, for the three-hour, expert-led adventure that will immerse guests in the realms and wildlife thrills of far-off Africa – without leaving Walt Disney World Resort. In small groups, guests on the Wild Africa Trek will enjoy an “up-close-and-personal” experience with African wildlife species that make their home in Pangani Forest as well as other areas of the park’s Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

As part of the adventure, guests will clip onto a lifeline as they step to the very edge of a cliff to get amazingly close to the hippos and crocs waiting just below. Talk about cliff-hangers!

Adventure-minded guests will have the experience of a lifetime as they get immersed in an authentic African safari experience that only Disney can deliver,” said Michael Colglazier, vice president of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. “We are thrilled to be offering this unique outdoor adventure aimed at active vacationers, taking interactions with the incredible animals that inhabit the Harambe Reserve to the next level and literally blazing new trails in our park.”

Highlights of what’s in store for guests on this add-on adventure:

  •  Trekking with experienced guides through areas of Harambe Wildlife Reserve that aren’t explored during regular Disney’s Animal Kingdom experiences.
  •  Navigating through fern and vine forests on a bushwalk that sets a course for adventure.
  •  Clipping into a harness attached to a safety line, crossing a seemingly precarious rope bridge over the Safi River and cliff-hanging at the edge of gullies that are home to hippos and crocodiles.
  •  Experiencing the thrill of “over-landing” in customized open-air vehicles following the edge of a magnificent, wide-open savanna.
  •  Unwinding from an unforgettable adventure at a private safari camp for wildlife viewing.  At this station elevated above the savanna, guests savor sample tastes of Africa as their adventure draws to a relaxing and satisfying close.
Wild Africa Trek will be offered several times daily at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Groups will be kept small, consisting of no more than 12 trekkers per safari.

Reservations for Wild Africa Trek can be arranged by calling 407-WDW-TOUR (939-8687). Pricing for this unique adventure will vary seasonally. Guests who reserve a booking from Jan. 16-Feb. 26, 2011, may take advantage of an introductory offer starting at $129. Park admission is required for participants.

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Wheelchair Accessibility In Disney World

For the most part Disney is a wheelchair friendly place.  Handicapped parking in Disney is available if you have the respective placard.  The buses that move throughout the Disney property are also handicapped friendly.  If you are flying in, then Disney’s Magical Express is also accessible with a wheelchair.  When booking your resort room be sure to mention that you are in a wheelchair.  There are fully handicapped rooms, and there are rooms that are accessible enough if you don’t need your wheeelchair completely.

You may be requested to go to Town Hall to get a handicapped pass for rides.  This is obviously done to deter people trying to get on rides that are not truly handicapped.  There are a few rides that you will need to wait just like other people, but not many.  When in Disney you can rent wheelchairs from Disney, or there are many off-site rental companies available.  Most people have their own wheelchair, but for those that can’t bring theirs for some reason, or if theirs breaks then most of the social security disability insurances, and other medical insurances will cover the cost.

There are a few things that you should realize.  When in Disney World please take mind that other people are there trying to enjoy themselves.  Please be cautious of your wheelchairs capabilities.  I have seen many children almost get run over because the electronic wheelchairs are very touchy.  You may want to account for a little extra time navigating the park.

You can check out the Official Disney site for more information.

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The Yeti Is Still Completely Frozen.

I think it is high time that Disney thinks about what they are going to do about the inoperable Yeti at Expedition Everest.  The last time that I rode Everest the Yeti wasn’t working either.  That is one of the best parts of the ride, and it doesn’t even work.  Maybe the engineers need to get some snow boots on, and get up there, but don’t come down until it is fixed.

Here is a article about the situation that they have going on.

Engineers at Walt Disney World say they trying to figure out how to re-activate a 25-foot tall mechanical abominable snowman that stopped working last year.

The animatronic yeti that once lunged at rollercoaster riders at the Florida theme park stalled in March 2009 and has been idle ever since with no more than a flashing strobe light giving it the illusion of motion.

“It’s embarrassing that this technological marvel is left … to just sit there,” Tony Crane, 35, St. Louis, told the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel during a recent visit to the park.

Disney told the newspaper the 20,000-pound yeti has a lot of moving parts and is the most complex of Disney’s animatronics. A spokeswoman said getting the yeti back in motion was equally complex and the company was considering its options.

The Sentinel said the frozen state of the snowman goes largely unnoticed by most customers on the Expedition Everest ride, but at least two Facebook groups lobbying Disney to fix the creature have been formed.

“The yeti not working to me is akin to riding the Haunted Mansion and not having any ghosts in the graveyard,” Martin Smith, 38, Manchester, England, told the newspaper.

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