Disney Characters And Appearance

Our daughter is getting older, and she is amazing us with some of the things we notice.  She is listening to more music now, and what scares me with that is usually kids tend to want to mimic the musicians that they listen to.  Thank goodness she doesn’t like, or listen to Beiber.  I wouldn’t find that to be a big problem, but if you look back Britney was a Mouseketeer, and dressed nice back in the beginning.  Once she left Disney she wasn’t so innocent anymore, and didn’t dress so innocent either.  That isn’t true for everyone because Annette dressed nice then, and still did last time we saw her on tv.  Justin is the last one that comes to mind.  He is unique in his dress style.  He doesn’t show the “What if” side of himself.  It appears to us that while any actor, or musician is with Disney they will act, and represent themselves to the utmost professionalism.  Once they are done with Disney they seem to change the way they were.  I would like my little girl to stay innocent, and I beg of her not to start wearing hip hop clothing, or outlandish clothing like what some of the musicians are putting out on the market.  I have nothing against that type of clothing for the most part, but when you look like trash, then you get treated like trash.

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