Disney Cruising 2011

It is confirmed. We are going on the Disney Dream in April 2011. We are going to take the 4 night cruise, and then go immediatelly back out on the 3 night cruise.  We got lucky enough to get a bonus from our Disney Chase card, and they gave us 6 months “NO INTEREST.”  This will be nice because we paid for everything in full.  The added bonus is that we will earn Disney Points for using the card.  Now the only thing we need to do is get our passports.

We have been told by one of my brothers that he, and his girlfriend are going to go.  They just have to work out getting their deposit in.  It will be nice to have some time to spend with my brother.  We are hoping to meet with some really nice people like we did last time we cruised on Disney.

After this cruise we will need a lot of dieting because the food on the cruises is out of this world.  Maybe we should take some diet pills like lipozene with us to help out a bit.

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