Totally Honest Review Of The Disney Dream Part 2

We previously posted about our experience on the first leg of our Back to Back cruise on the Disney Dream.  Now we will talk about the second part.

We would like to thank all of the people of the group that we met from the Disboards.  The Fish Extender was fun, and the Yankee Swap was great.  Meeting, and talking to other cruisers put a lot of my questions, and thoughts at ease.

On Thursday we woke at 7am to go to breakfast, and meet the group of cruisers that we met on the Disboards.  We went up to Cabanas.  After breakfast we got a group photo, and said goodbye.  We disembarked the ship, and were instructed where to go to get back on.  After going through paperwork we were given our boarding number, and told to wait.  After about an hour we reboarded at @10:30am.  When reboarding the photo group on the gangway wasn’t ready for photos so we couldn’t get our photos.  We had another person take our photo so we did get a photo.

After that we went back onto the ship, and went up to deck 11 for coffee.  During this time it is advised to you that you will be onboard while maintenance is being performed.  We pretty much just hung out on deck 11 until we noticed people coming onboard.  For the most part rooms aren’t available until 1:30pm, but being a Back to Back cruiser with the same room we were able to go back to our room earlier.  We then went to the Sail Away party.

What we noticed is that during a 3 day cruise majority of the people onboard have a tighter timeframe to accomplish everything they want to do so lines are a bit longer for some things.  This stands true for the pools no matter what any person in the media has published in the past.  For those that don’t understand why I say this… Read this excerpt that was posted by a well known site…


No matter who I spoke with, the Cast Member emphasised how the Disney Dream is 40% larger than the Magic and Wonder and so everything was enlarged by about 40%. The same is true for the pools.

Disney Magic Pool

Disney Dream Pool

Notice the pool is square, and the actual swimming section is round.  Can you all admit that this was definitely an unwise choice?

We went to play some miniature golf, and the lines do have their bad times at certain times.  Next we enquired into the simulators.  We were advised of the prices by the person in charge of them, and we decided against them.  This was something I felt Disney should have included.  The decking material on deck 12 gets extremely hot in comparison to the other boats so walking around in the hot sun waiting for Aquaduck, or just walking around will make your feet quite uncomfortable.

During our first leg of the cruise we got off in the Bahamas and personally went to Ardastra Gardens.  We paid @45 for the 3 of us including the Jitney bus.  Disney wanted @$125+ for the Ardastra Gardens excursion.  Yes theirs includes a driving tour around the island that lasts @1/2 hour.  This was not necessary for us.  When we docked at Nassau, Bahamas the second time we got off briefly, but returned because we don’t stay there for long.  We just don’t enjoy Nassau that much.  Upon coming back onboard we noticed that the pools were already well filled, and the Aquaduck was also pretty full.  With the Aquaduck we noticed that it is closed on, and off throughout the day due to technical problems.

While at Castaway Cay my daughter, and I took part in the Stingray excursion.  This was a very memorable experience for us.  What I didn’t know was that I got severly burned during this.  This was due to the level of sun at the time of the excursion.  We were on the last excursion of the day.  For the price this excursion was valued well.  It was worth the sun poisoning for me to have that experience with my daughter.  Back onboard that night I got very sick due to the sun poisoning.  Valuable lesson… When your significant other purchases sunscreen make sure she buys good stuff, and not $1 store stuff.  Also make sure it isn’t from like 2-3 years ago because she put it away and forgot about it.

On the last night we scrambled to get dinner, Believe, and packing done before the 10:30pm time.  What we should have done was we should have done the Believe show on the 4 night so that we weren’t jammed up so bad.

In conclusion… I think Disney should have taken a bit more time to evaluate some of the things that they did with this ship.  Some people have messaged me telling me that “It’s a new ship.  It needs time to work out bugs.”  For the price that is charged I expect perfection.  Disney should account for issues and price should be taken into consideration for possible problems.  If you don’t believe this is the case, then please mail me a check for my cruise, and I will shut up.  After all… I can’t justify throwing money away.  Many of the people we cruised with, and even other seasoned Disney Cruising people that we didn’t cruise with that we spoke to felt that there was a major difference between the Dream, and the others.  The staff we personally had was spectacular.  A few of the employees that we met had nothing but complaints about their jobs.  One of the people in our group had this to say…

We had a Russian (sp)? room hostess and all she did was complain about, “too much work to do”

I have spoken with DCL guest communications, and they communicated that they appreciated the feedback, and it was necessary because it helps them improve things.

BTW… Cudos to Sigit (Stateroom), Nathanapon (Dining Server), and Raluca (Asst. Dining Server)

People like this helped make some essence of the cruise perfect.

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