Ridiculous Site Ban

I have been a member, and posting to several Disney sites for many years. I have always had my site in my signature. That is just normal behavior for almost anyone that has a site.
Today I got banned for promotion of personal website.

The site that banned me was Intercot.  I am not going to give the link, as they have done a huge injustice.

I personally think that their site is very ridiculous in a lot of their procedures, and now I will do everything in my power to steer everyone to the more popular site of http://www.disboards.com.

Why give anyone the capability of using a signature if you are going to ban someone for using it for its correct purposes?  Rubbish I say.

I am not selling anything, and my site is not a forum, so what do they have to worry about.

I wasn’t even promoting my site.  I was posting my articles on their site so that I wouldn’t be nailed for promoting my site.

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