Must Be Done Repairs

My daughters bathroom has needed some serious attention for the past few years.  I had told the wife that I wanted to make it into a Disney themed bathroom.  She was considering this, but we both had to decide on the fixtures that we would put in the bathroom.  The flooring has already been looked at, and will be linoleum.  I find this to be the easiest cleaning, and maintenance.  Think about it… kids bathroom, shower… What do you get when you mix the 2?  A very wet floor from my experience.  Tiling isn’t optimal because of this.

We got a flyer the other day that made me a bit happier because there were numerous sales on some Disney decorations that I would want to put in the bathroom.  When we started hunting for a well made faucet, and showerhead for the bathroom we couldn’t find any in the Hansgrohe section of the site that we found.

I haven’t found many companies that have a Disney collection, but I do know that they exist.  (Not only in Disney World, or DisneyLand.)  Have you seen the Disney fixtures, and where did you see them?

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