Disney’s Bedtime Stories

I was happy to hear my wife advise me that she had read how to obtain tickets to a sneak preview of Disney’s Bedtime Stories.  Once again my wife did a good job scouring the net.  Thanks for the info that was obtained at http://jerseyshore.momslikeme.com.

Prior to the movie I saw a trailer for what I am believing to be a follow-up to the very old Witch Mountain series.  The new movie is Race to Witch Mountain, starring The Rock.  Movie trailer doesn’t quite show the story line like I remember, but without seeing the movie I won’t be able to comment yet.  Here is a link to a friends blog with what information he has… http://www.mydisneyblog.com/my_weblog/2008/12/race-to-witch-mountain.html

Back to the real story…  Adam Sandler did a excellent job in this movie.  Without revealing any part to the movie I can really only say that the plot of the story was a simple one.  By the children adding onto their bedtime stories they led Skeeter on an adventure.  The CG (Computer Generated) graphics were quite realistic.  Buggy, the guinea pig, was quite funny to watch.

I recommend this move for all.  The movie was a nice way for our family to spend some time together.

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