Belly Dancing In Epcot

I have been to Morocco in Epcot several times just to look around, and let our little one shop.  I never knew that Disney had any sort of female dancing on grounds.  Well, during our last trip to Epcot we went past Morocco, and came upon a pavilion with guys playing instruments, and to my disbelief… a female dancer.  Guys, don’t get excited.  I found out that this is a demonstration of belly dancing.  When we walked by my wife noted that all of the guys had their cameras out, and were taking pictures.  I didn’t notice any women taking pictures, or video.  To my surprise my wife took both photo, and video.  Belly dancing looks like something that could make a guy not need some extenze.  The girl was very good looking.  I guess that outside of Disney these dancers probably wear a little less.

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