Other Disney World Rumors

Here is a piece of news for the DVC members that frequent my site…

  1. The Animal Kingdom Villas are actually costing less points then Old Key West, which is known for having low points.

Here are some things that I personally checked in on, or found out while I was there in Oct. / Nov. 2009.

  1. While my wife was at the Animal Kingdom she overheard one of the animal caretakers talking about one of the elephants giving birth by April 2010.
  2. Smoking sections are “Magically” moving around.  Spots exist that aren’t on the maps, and spots on the maps aren’t existing.
  3. The full sized Figment character that appeared near JIA in Epcot has been retired.  I was told that this was due to a safety issue that they found.  Goodbye Figment… We love you.
  4. Billy Ocean was at Epcot during the Food & Wine Festival this week.
  5. Fastpass tickets do not need to be used at the exact times that are stamped on them.
  6. Decorations for XMas are going up in almost every spot that you can imagine.  There is currently a large scaffold setup around the castle for lighting work that is being done.  I actually turned into the backstage area of Hollywood Studios, and saw a bunch of trees being prepped next to the metal buildings.
  7. It appears from what I heard, and observed that riding in the front of the monorails has been stopped for the time being.
  8. As previously reported on, but never confirmed by me… McDonalds french fries have been removed from the areas that originally offered them.
  9. As previously reported on, but never confirmed by me… the Pleasure Island clubs are closed.
  10. The bathroom / skyway station by Space Mountain is almost fully gone.  All that remains is the lower half which houses the bathrooms.  Currently there is a fence surrounding the area.  Just outside the fence is a new stage area called Club 626.  There was a character dancing show that had Stitch, Goofy, and Pluto.
  11. Next to Buzz Lightyear there was a stage area.  There is now a wall up, and a character greeting area is setup there.  Buzz was there greeting characters when I was there.
  12. The People Mover was in full operation.  When we went through Space Mountain you couldn’t see much, but it does appear that they are actively working on the ride in anticipation of the Christmas holiday.  Some rumors have said that it is expected to open by the end of November 2009.
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