Disney World Apps Are Springing Up Everywhere

Having an Android phone I found out that the keyword Disney returns a lot of results on the Android Market.  I also found out from other people that the same stands true for IPhones.  The IPhones seem to get a few things more than others like apps designed specifically by Disney for use in the parks.  Androids aren’t special enough I guess.

When you look at Blackberry phones there aren’t many apps as of yet, but being the Blackberry is making some bold moves they will probably get a few more apps in the future.  I had a Blackberry on Sprint many years ago.  I found that the Blackberry was not an all around phone.  It was more for the business person.  When you are in Disney next look for Blackberry cases on peoples belts.  It appears that the Blackberry market is slowly converting to Androids, and IPhones.

Here is a factual quote that I ran into…

“Over the three-month period ended April 30, Android nabbed a 36.4% share of the market, while the iPhone took a 26% share and RIM fell to third place with a 25.7% share, down from 30.4% in the three-month period ended Jan. 31, according to the ComScore report released Friday.”

What is your current phone?

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Disney World Dining From Your Cell Phone

Making dining reservations in Disney World has just gotten a bit easier.  There is no download of an app necessary.  All you have to do is navigate to http://disneyworld.com/dining from your internet based smartphone, and you will get a very easy to use dining planner.  If you have a Droid, or an IPhone, then you can currently use this feature.  Blackberry users will have to wait a bit, as that part isn’t finished yet.

There are many different ways you can search with this tool.  Give it a try and see how easy it is.

For those of you still in the “Stone Phone Age” just call 407-WDW-DINE to make your reservations.

I tried it from my Droid, and it is very easy to use.

Here is a screenshot from the IPhone version.

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Disney News #4

Here we are again for another installment of Disney news from around the WWW.

1. Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney will be closing this summer, along with the 5 other locations around the nation.

2. Disney Dining Experience is now to be known as Tables In Wonderland.

Pricing is as follows:
$100 for Florida residents
$75 for Annual Passholders
$50 Second membership on a account

3. Scheduled to debut in summer 2009, Stitch will be having a dance party on a newly constructed stage in Tommorowland.

4. Construction of the 2 new Disney Cruise Line ships has been initiated, after having a ceremony at the Meyer Werft location in Germany.

5. DisneyLand trains are running on BioDiesel.

6. High School Musical will return to the tv. Slated for 2010, High School Musical will appear on tv everywhere with new stars.

7. Look who/what was spotted at Walt Disney World…


In case you can’t tell… It is a Sprint/Nextel operated promotion type bus. Disney has a deal with Sprint/Nextel. They must have decided that there was no better way to market the newest item in their line of phones… Blackberry 8350I Curve.

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