The Never Ending Disney World Expansion

Since I was a child I have seen quite a few things being built at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.  One of the things was The Living Seas.  We also got in on a sneak preview.  Since being married to my wife we have seen the construction of Bay Lake Towers, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and many other things.  I hope that I am alive if they ever add another park.  I am anxious to see the “Pleasure Island” area when they are finished with it.

We are going to get into the Magic Kingdom next week during our 8 night cruise on the Disney Magic out of NYC.  We are anxious to see what they have done, and also what is coming.  Seeing some of the video of the construction I sometimes wonder how much vested interest Disney has in some of the material that they use to create the buildings, etc.  Some of the newest technology like Parker CNG hose is probably being used.  They are probably also using a lot of Fiber Optics, and wireless technology.  Wireless technology is one of the only things that scares me a bit.  Being a computer tech I know that wireless is not 100%.

Have you been around for any of the construction around Walt Disney World?

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