Travelling To Disney

We originally started our travels to Florida by driving there.  One year we were leaving Florida and dropped my mother off at the airport.  Before we even got out of Florida my mother called and said that she was home.  After that we flew via Spirit for the next few years.  When the cost of flying got too much we started driving again.  This year when our insurance was cancelled we starting hunting through cheap car insurance quotes to find a price that would be good enough for us to have our camper on the insurance for when we ever do get to drive down to Florida with our camper.  Campers aren’t cheap to have on insurance.  We got lucky.

The last time we camped in Florida we drove down in my truck, and rented a camper from El Monte.  The prices were good, and we have been trying to decide if it is easier to rent one over towing one down to Florida.  The increased cost for gas, speed, and other factors make us not sure of what we want to do in the future.

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I Want To Visit DisneyLand California

I have been going back and forth with my wife about taking a vacation out to California.  Why?  Well, when I was a kid I got to go to California to visit my uncle.  He worked at the L.A. Zoo managing the elephant, and camel ride.  I didn’t mind the heat out there.  I want to take my daughter, and wife out to California so that she can experience all that is out there.  One of the main things that I want both to see is DisneyLand.  Neither of them can understand that the size of the entire DisneyLand is about equivalent to I would venture… The Magic Kingdom.  What I told her is that we could save money by taking our camper.  Granted I would need a good towing plan like the Good Sam towing, or AAA so that if anything happens I have it covered.  She doesn’t want to make that trip because it is approximatelly 7 days drive out, and 7 days drive back.  Then you have to add on time to stay, and enjoy what you went to see.  Maybe even add in a stop in Vegas, and the Sequoia forest.  The only way that I could allow it to happen would be during the summer, and that isn’t the brightest thing someone could do.  Why is that the only time?  Well, I don’t want my daughter missing that much school, and what we do take her out of is enough.

If you have any good thoughts on how I can convince them to go to CA. then please let me know.

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