Camping In Disney World

We have been discussing more the possibilities of driving down to Disney World next year, and camping over in Ft. Wilderness.   By doing this we can spend a bit more time relaxing in a really nice environment.  The other campers that go to Ft. Wilderness are very polite.

Last time we went camping in Disney World we got flooded out, and we ended up having to get a room at the All Stars on a last minute basis.  Camping has never been my thing if tents, and sleeping bags are part of it.  Having a travel trailer I am more easily swayed into camping again.  At least in the camper I have most of the luxuries of home… lcd tv, stereo, video game system, and it is mine.

We are trying to decide on one last thing, and that is whether we should invest in some camper insurance.  This way if anything happens the one thing I won’t have to worry about is the rv repair.

Have you ever camped in Ft. Wilderness?  What did you think?

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