Epcot Miyuki Candy Art News… No More Giveaway


My daughter looks forward to going to Epcot each time we go so that she can try to get lucky enough to get a one of a kind candy creation from the Miyuki Candy Art demonstration.  The lady that makes the candy is 1 of 15 that exist.  She was heart broken today to find out that they no longer give the candy away to the children.  We would purchase them if they offered that, but it hasn’t even come out like that.

It has come to my attention through a manager / managers (Bob, and others) in the Japan pavilion that the distribution of the candy from the Miyuki Candy Art demonstration has been discontinued as of @1 month ago.  Why you ask?  Supposedly after many years the Disney health inspector felt there was a problem.  I was told that it wasn’t even the Orange County inspector that made this decision.  I can’t understand this story.  If it has been OK for the past many years, then what made this person change tradition?  I wonder if this inspector was a “Newbie”, or if he has an agenda, and wants to do things to his satisfaction.  Disney is about dreams, and they are ruining the dreams, and hopes of many children.  Put a “Not edible” sticker on it, or something if there is a health issue.  For @14 years this has been going on, and there has never been a situation.  Who made this brainstorm decision?

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