What Will Become Of Captain EO?

I know that it was rumored that Disney had originally brought back Captain EO for a limited time.  We took my daughter to see the show last time we were in the parks because she had never seen the show before.  There was something different, or maybe I am wrong.  The show was the same, but I think that maybe they did something to the theater when it went to “Honey I Shrunk”.

Has anyone else been to the show?  Were you at the show in its beginning?  Did you find anything different?

On a side note… Why is it that Michael Jackson seems to get a lot of things named, and termed after him now that he is gone?  I have seen so many different things that seem like they are just money makers for the Jacksons.  There are even Thriller radii shoes that resemble shoes like MJ had in one or two of his videos.

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Captain EO Grand Opening Guests

ALL YOU NEED IS GLOVE: Comedienne and Academy Award-winning actress Mo’Nique poses July 2, 2010 with a pair of 3-D glasses and one Mickey Mouse glove — a la Michael Jackson — as she prepares to visit “Captain EO” on the film’s grand re-opening day at Epcot.

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Captain EO Returns To Disney World In July 2010

I just found out some information, and wanted to share it with everyone…

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (April 28, 2010) – “Captain EO,” the classic musical spectacular that thrilled Epcot guests from 1986-1994, is returning to Epcot July 2, 2010, Walt Disney World Resort announced today.  The attraction’s return provides new audiences the opportunity to experience the original 3-D production for the very first time, as well as a nostalgic look back for longtime fans wanting to see Jackson in a rare performance created for the big screen.
Twenty-four years ago, Michael Jackson joined forces with Disney, producer George Lucas and director Francis Ford Coppola to create a groundbreaking 17-minute 3-D film experience starring Jackson as Captain EO performing two original songs, and featuring Academy Award®-winning actress Anjelica Huston, and a cast of merry, mythical space characters with dual personalities who undergo magical transformations to become Jackson’s electronic band in conquering the forces of darkness.
The colorful Disney-created characters include: Hooter, the little green elephant-like creature who sneezes wild musical notes through his flute-like trunk; Fuzzball, the orange-haired space monkey with butterfly wings; the Geex, a golden-haired, two-faced personality with two left feet, one right foot and two shaggy heads named Idy and Ody; Major Domo, whose mirrored silver costume becomes a complete set of drums; and Minor Domo with his sparkling purple torso that turns into an electronic synthesizer played by Hooter.
For all its technology, “Captain EO” is first and foremost a musical spectacular and a thrilling space-fantasy adventure.  The realism of the 3-D process will once again make it seem that Jackson dances right out of the screen into the theater.  While it’s not possible to replicate some of the special effects elements originally in the theater, it will boast a new 70mm print of the film and sound better than ever thanks to acoustical enhancements made to the theater since the film last played there.  The total effect is one of motion, color and high energy filled with Jackson’s musical brilliance and various illusions to create an exciting and realistic journey in space for the audience.
During the journey, Captain EO and his merry crew discover a colorless planet where they are confronted by the Supreme Leader (Huston) and her forces of darkness.  Using the power of music, dance and light to fill the planet and the theater with all the shades of the rainbow, the EO crew turns the black and white land into a magical world of color and happiness.
The production of “Captain EO” called on Hollywood’s finest choreographers, set designers, costume creators and special effects artists – all of them excited by the challenge of shooting this kind of imaginative film in three dimensions. 
“Captain EO” will be presented multiple times daily at the Imagination pavilion at Epcot.  It will replace “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” which is planned to return at an undetermined date.
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Michael Jackson’s Captain EO & Disney

While the first article seems to be truthful I am skeptical about the later.  I can’t believe that Disney would bring back Captain EO for any length of time, unless they stood to make some serious loot.

Tell me what you think, or what you know about these articles.

Most likely true… (Originally posted on TMZ.Com)

Michael Jackson‘s kids just got to do something no Regular Joe has done since 1998 — they saw Michael’s 17-minute, 3-D film “Captain EO” at Disneyland.


Sources say Michael Jr., Paris and Prince were taken to the happiest place on Earth (the one in California) last Thursday by Michael’s brother Jackie. While they were there, we’re told the kids were shown a screening of “Captain EO” — which the Mouse stopped playing in 1998 — and “they loved” it.

According to Disney blog MiceAge.com, the kids were able to see the movie because on Tuesday, the “Honey I Shrunk the Audience show was quietly closed, and Imagineers moved in with a truckload of equipment used to install the Captain EO show for a special executive presentation.”

The blog says “Honey” was up and running again by Saturday — so you’ll just have to catch “EO” on YouTube like the rest of us.

Questionable article…

Since Michael Jackson‘s death on June 25th, which has turned out to be just as bizarre and involving as anything in his life, speculation has run rampant in the movie geek and theme park junkie communities (yes, those circles sadly exist) — would “Captain EO,” his Francis Ford Coppola-directed/George Lucas-produced 3D movie, see the light of day again?

According to usually reliable Al Lutz on Disney website Miceage, “Captain EO” will indeed return. Rumor goes that it will make its way back to California’s Disneyland park in January of 2010. (It has yet to be determined if it will also return to Florida’s Epcot, but our bets are on the affirmative.) Miceage further reports that the announcement will be made at Disney‘s inaugural fanclub convention D23 (it’ll be like Comic Con for Disneyland fanatics, no really), being held later this month.

While this may strike some as a ghoulish cash grab, it seems to be steeped in a more respectful tribute to both MJ’s legacy and the parks’ history, as well. And anything beats that damn “Honey I Shrunk the Audience” movie. – Drew Taylor

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Captain EO…Why Bring Him Back Now?


I always enjoyed watching Captain EO when I went to Epcot.  I also saw it in DisneyLand.  What I can’t understand is why so many people are trying to petition to have Captain EO brought back.  The 3D movie was well done, and cost far more than what a 15 minute show should have cost.

Even though Michael is gone there is no reason for Disney to want to put him back up.  What I have in my mind is this… Neverland could be cleaned up, and they could setup a 3D theatre there.  People would most likely pay admission to go to Neverland.  They have a win-win situation.  The Jackson family gets some revenue from it, and people are happy.

Just say NO!  If we say YES, then Disney will have to pay out to the Jacksons, and such action could cause Disney to maybe want to increase ticket prices.  I may be wrong, because they may have a standing deal with the Captain EO movie so that they don’t have to pay out royalties.

I will have a very clean cut of the movie up on my site soon.

I think Disney should keep everything they do in-house so that they don’t have to pay royalties to others like this would result in.

Brief Rundown of the Movie…

Movie was directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Movie was produced by George Lucas

The story was designed by Disney Imagineering


  • Michael Jackson
  • Anjelica Huston

Captain EO is a movie about a team of space travelers that are on a mission to deliver a gift to the queen of a land.  When they get there they almost don’t get to deliver the gift because a piece of equipment broke.  After the team fixes the equipment Captain EO delivers.

The effects were superb for the time.

Captain EO was only shown in 4 theatres worldwide…

  1. Epcot Imagination Pavilion – 1986 – 1994
  2. DisneyLand TomorrowLand – 1986 – 1994
  3. Tokyo’s Tomorrowland – 1987 – 1996
  4. DisneyLand Paris – 1992 – 1998

You can still find some good buys on Captain EO merchandise at EBay.

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