Is The Disney Dream Worth The Cost

I have been on the Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder in the past.  In April we are sailing on a “B2B” sailing of the Disney Dream.  I am curious if anyone has ever questioned if a Disney Cruise is / was worth the money spent.  When the wife and I decided to book this cruise we looked at all of our alternatives for paying for the cruise.  We looked at all of our credit cards interest rates, and even the cash advances

that they offer.  We ended up using our Disney Chase credit card because we got a few perks by doing this.  We got 6 months no interest, and we got $50 back per stateroom – per cruise. All in all we like the Disney Cruises because there are no casinos, and no funny business going on.  (At least none that anyone knows about.)  We enjoy that our little one likes Disney, and thus the cruise is ok for her.  On our last cruising we hardly ever saw her.  This cruising she is anxious to go back into the clubs again.  She met quite a few kids last time that she still talks to currently.

What we did realize after our 1st cruising is that if you are a DVC member that it isn’t the smartest thing to use points to book your cruise.  We pay cash / credit now, but will book the little one on points.  The points for the 3rd person and so on are very low in comparison to booking the 1st and 2nd passengers.

What are your thoughts on the Disney Cruise, and how do you pay when you go on cruises?

Here is a video that Disney has put into the movie theaters currently.

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