Pet Care In Disney

We have many cats, and dogs in our house.  Taking them to Disney with us would cost us quite a bit of money, and many cat supplies, and dog supplies.  This isn’t economical for us, so we don’t even think about it.  I would have to guess that people that are from distances bring their animals because they don’t want to be away from them, or don’t have anyone to watch them.

Disney does not allow exotic pets, or native wildlife to be boarded in the kennels.

There are many locations throughout the Disney World Resort to board your pet when you go on vacation.  Boarding at the Disney locations allows you to still be able to visit your pet while away, rather than leaving them home with someone to watch them.

If you need standard kennel services reservations are not required, but are recommended.

There is a location at each of the parks, and 1 additional at Fort Wilderness.  Rates are based on several factors.

  • Resort Guest Day
  • Resort Guest Overnight
  • Guest Day
  • Guest Overnight

Additional things that can be purchased are:

  • Extra bathroom walk
  • medicating with owner supplied medication (NO shots / injections)
  • Ice cream break
  • cuddle time

3 of the locations offer 2 bathroom walks, and 2 feedings.  The other 2 locations (Hollywood Studios & Animal Kingdom) do not include any bathroom walks, or feedings.  At these 2 locations the owners must feed, and walk their animals.  Certain loops in the Fort Wilderness Campground allow pets.  When booking reservations make sure to notify them that you have a pet so that they can locate the correct loop for your reservation.

Both cats, and dogs must be current on their vaccinations, and proof needs to be shown.

Disney uses Purina pet food, but owners can bring their own.

This seems to be a great way for pets to get to see what Disney is like.  I know I love Disney, and I haven’t ever been to the kennel.  As a matter of fact… our pets love Disney as well, because they get peace and quiet while we are in Disney.

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