Why Can’t I Find More Apps

I have a Droid from Sprint, and I am continually searching the Android Market for new apps that I can use.  I have noticed that some companies seem to have their phone apps focused on IPhones.  I honestly don’t understand why they would center on one type of phone rather than on all types of phones.  I sometimes wonder if they get a portion of the profits from apps sold for IPhones.

I am getting ready to look into purchasing an Android App Maker package that I ran into.  I know that a lot more people that I know have Droids.  What surprised me was that my father now has a Droid.  Then again I sometimes think that he has to stay up to date with what the smarter boys have.  I convinced my brother to get a Droid, and then it land slided from there.

What type of phone do you have?  What is your take on the IPhone?  What is your take on Android?


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