Eating In Disney World

Here is some information to take into consideration when you visit Disney World, and dining is about to come into play.  These are all things that we practice when vacationing with the mouse.

When planning your vacation make sure to book any desired meals well in advance.  Most restaurants book up quickly, and during PEAK times the dining is sometimes even harder to work with.  Check out the Disney dining system by CLICKING HERE.

If you are going into the parks for a day take some small food with you so that you can snack and not have to purchase as much while in the parks.  We go out to the Super WalMart when we get to Florida and we purchase some food that our diet supplements out like candies, and ready made lunches.  We take them into the parks, and eat them as necessary to save some cash.

Weigh out the cost of eating individual meals without a dining plan.  Calculate one of the cheaper locations in WDW, and then calculate what the dining plan would cost instead.  9 times out of 10 the dining plan will work out more feasible.

If you are in a DVC room, or any room that has refrigerator, microwave, etc., then leave the park at peak hours, and go back to your room to eat.

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