Having a Disney Baby.

I have been trying to convince my wife that we should have one more child.  I know that we don’t have many more years of prime production years left.  She is trying to finish up loosing weight before she crosses that avenue.

I told her that I want to make it a Disney baby.  Everything that we can do would be Disney.  I have found baby announcements, clothing, furniture, and well… just about anything you can imagine.  I am a Disney person.  We took our daughter to Disney for the first time at @ 2 months old.

I am very happy with my daughter.  I would just like to have one more child.  Our daughter thinks that we don’t love her because we have discussed having another child.  She is just a little worried that she will lose some of the attention.  She will, but she will also be older, and won’t want to be around us as much.

Has anyone else had this situation, and had to make a decision?

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