Disney Sets Age Requirements


The happiest place on Earth is setting some new rules.

Disney is changing its policy for children and teenagers trying to get into the park alone.

Beginning on Saturday, anyone under 14 will not be able to walk through the gates by themselves.

Each Walt Disney Park and Resort has had its own admission policy but the company said it was time to establish a consistent company-wide procedure.

If an unaccompanied guest appears to be younger than 14, a cast member at the front gates will engage in a conversation with the guest to determine his or her age, since children that age do not typically carry identification.

If the visitor is underage, the child’s parent or guardian would be contacted and that adult would need to physically come to accompany the child into the park.

Disney chose the age of 14 after surveying guests and reaching out to organizations that deal with child welfare.

Those groups agreed the new age limit was the most appropriate, and also noted 14 is the age the Red Cross recommends for baby-sitting.

A Disney spokeswoman said the change is not a response to any particular incident.


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Our Little One Is Growing Up

Many years ago my wife and I discussed that there would come a time when our little one would start to grow tired of Disney.  Now I don’t mean Disney World, but I mean all of the little Disney things.  She used to love having Disney posters, and stuffed animals around her room.  Now she wants things that a older girls wants.  Music posters, and stuff like that.  She doesn’t mind going to Disney World because we go to the parks that she wants, and go on rides that she wants.  We don’t make her go on the little kiddie rides anymore because she is very emotional about things.

When she started school this year we asked her if she was going to use her Disney backpack anymore, and she immediatelly told us NO.  I guess that she didn’t want to feel out of place.  This caused us to have to go buy her a new backpack.  The one we got looked more like the hiking backpacks look like.  This is what she chose, and we don’t want her to feel out of place now that she is in 6th grade.

When did you have to make major changes for your child?

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What Is Going On With The Legal System?

Ok… I am a firm believer that if someone gets hurt in a legitimate fashion that they should be taken care of.  No… Not taken care of like that.  I think that they should have their medical, etc. bills covered.  Here is where the problem comes… Why hasn’t the government thought up any way to stop people from filing all of their money hungry, greed oriented lawsuits?

Here is what I put together on the following matter…

Fact:The child is 4.  Fact:The child was in Disney World. 

Unknown: Did this happen in Disney?  Did they see Disney personell when this happened?

Parents don’t watch their children when they are in Disney World, Disneyland, or most places for the most part.  Most parents are irresponsible, uncaring, and for the most part just as ignorant as the children.  Why was a 4 year old grabbing a tray?  Yes, I know about the whole growing up process, but I am sure that they weren’t paying attention, and he got it on him.  Was it as hot as they claim?  I honestly doubt it.  If it was, then why weren’t there more people complaining, and why weren’t there more lawsuits?

Here is why I make this comment…

The parents of a 4-year-old California boy are suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts claiming hot nacho cheese scalded and scarred their son during a visit to Walt Disney World.
Isaiah Harris suffered “permanent scarring, pain and suffering” as a result of the burns, according to the suit, which seeks medical cost and punitive damages for emotional distress.
The boy’s parent, Michael and Maria Harris of Chula Vista. Calif., are also seeking damages saying they suffered “serious emotional distress.”
The family says the incident occured in March at Cosmic Ray’s Starlite Cafe in Tomorrowland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Florida. They claim a paper cup with scalding cheese splashed on the child’s face when he grabbed a food tray.
“The cheese should not have been that hot,” says Sean Cahill, the family’s attorney.
Disney released a statement saying that the company is reviewing the lawsuit but is saddened by the child’s injuries. “It is unfortunate when any child is hurt.”

This is the second suit against a Disney park this week. In the other case, a quadriplegic man claims that he was stuck in the “It’s a Small World” ride for 40 minutes at Disneyland in California, and that there was no way to evacuate him in his wheelchair. He is suing for negligence and emotional distress.

People have been suing Disney, and many hundreds/thousands of other companies for things that fall into the “For What?” category for years.  I know that it won’t happen anytime soon, but I would for one understand if companies started having us sign waivers prior to entry clearing them of any “Non Related”, or “For What?” claims.

I guess I should be suing my cell phone company because the Samsung cell phones that we have don’t have warnings about using them while driving.

Let’s think of some real off the wall lawsuits… (Keep in mind that the signs for rides don’t encompass these scenarios.)

I got wet on Splash Mountain and I react badly to water., I went on Tomorrowland Speedway and got rear ended now I am cripple forever., a wheelchair ran over my foot.  Now I can’t walk.

My wife tripped and fell in Disney last year because she was looking up at the characters in the train station when she was leaving.  We didn’t sue, but if we had we probably could have won with the reason… “No caution sign at the edge of the sidewalks.”

My daughter was traumatized after almost being trampled after a show in the Magic Kingdom.  We didn’t sue for trauma.

Look back in time…(Being this is a Disney related site I will site Disney situations…)

Disney has been sued…employee headscarf ban, people falling in the parks, “Chemical release” in California, man allegedly having stroke due to “Tower of Terror”

Come on people.  Get a life.  Stop trying to make a quick buck.  These lawsuits are the cause for high prices on admissions, and different things.  Cut the garbage.

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Disney Vitamins Do Work

My daughter is very picky about medicine, and things like that.  We have always had to find creative ways for her to take things.  We tried out Disney Gummies some time ago, and she seemed ok with them.  She is now at a point in life where she doesn’t have to have everything with “A Cute Look”.

If you have a problem getting your child to take vitamins, then check out the complete multivitamin line with Disney characters.  They come in many different characters, so your child is bound to like one of them.

Children’s multiple vitamin and mineral supplement. 3 Fantastic flavors: grape, orange and cherry. Great taste and fun princess shapes for them and nutritional assurance for you. Made with natural flavors. Provides essential vitamins and minerals for your child’s healthy growth and development; Contains Vitamin A for eye health, B vitamins for energy metabolism and Vitamin C for immune function. Healthy eating and a better diet can contribute to disease prevention and better health. Almost 80% of children do not eat the recommended number of nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Free of: yeast, wheat, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, preservatives, soy, artificial flavor, sodium (less than 5 mg per serving). Made in the U.S.A.

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Eczema Issues In Disney

The doctor recently told my wife and I that our little one has a mild case of eczema.  He told us that a lot of things can cause it to act up, and on her heat is one of them.  Being we go to Disney at least once a year this news was not good for us.  So we asked the doctor what the best treatment of eczema would be when you can’t avoid the heat like when we go away to Disney.  He told us to try an over the counter ointment.  He told us to keep putting lotion on her, and try to keep her out of the heat as much as possible.  How do you keep someone out of the heat in Florida?  It’s always hot there, and the wife thinks we should go during the winter months so we don’t have as major of a problem.  Now this means we have to work around her school days, and holidays.

What are your thoughts about the heat in Florida, and things like eczema?

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