My Uncle Is Odd

What would you think of a guy that goes to Disney just for the coffee?  Well, I happen to be related to someone that used to do just that.  He enjoyed the coffee in DisneyLand so much that he would go there, and sit down for hours drinking coffee, and smoking cigars like Dutch Masters, and such.  This was in the French Quarter area.  He said that the coffee that they served was excellent.  I used to enjoy going to the same place in DisneyLand just to eat the soup in a bread bowl.  The amazing part is that DisneyLand was still a decent drive for him from his house.  I can’t even imagine how he did it unless he had a season pass.

I guess the Disney atmosphere just does it for some people.  It is a shame that we don’t live closer to Disney, as I would go for that soup once again.  I wonder if they actually serve soup in a bread bowl anywhere in Disney.

Does anyone know the answer to this?

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