I’m Not Going To DisneyLand…

You have all see the “I’m going to Disney World / DisneyLand” commercials, right?  Well, I thought that the courts for Circuit City bankruptcy might leave me yelling that in the end when they sent me my money that was due.

Circuit City was a true Mickey Mouse operation in my opinion.  Not that they made any money… Kinda a no brainer at this point… But some Goofy guy took notes from some Scrooge McDuck, and came up with Firedog, and all the lovely stuff that actually caused Circuit City to fail.  At least the real Mickey Mouse opertion is still open, and doing business.  May Mickey should have talked to the rests of the crowd.

I personally think that all of the companies in the world that think that they can get a professsional installation from an EMPLOYEE need to have their heads examined.  Those guys will make their daily paycheck, and go home knowing that you won’t replace the guy that is making minimum wage.  Companies that have contracted outsiders doing the work for reasonable pay will get professional installations everytime.  This is because they want to keep the money coming.

Well, I just got one of the last sets of paperwork from the Circuit City bankruptcy case.  I had filed to recoup some of the money that they left me high and dry on.  I never knew that a bankruptcy case could be so long, and drawn out.  Well, basically the paperwork I received is telling me that I need to vote about whether, or not I will get my money.  If I vote one way I could receive nothing.  If I vote the other way, then they just give me a “cash prize of $100.”

How do the courts in the world expect hard working individuals to accept a “Leave us alone, and go away” payment that doesn’t equate to even 1/10th of the money that is owed.  Now I can see how the economy got so bad.  Companies playing with everyones money, and noone is holding the bag.

Well, for now I will have to pay to go to Disney out of my own pocket, as there is no Magical Express here.

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