Character Clothing That Disney Makes

Back when Disney had a really well setup backlot you got to see how lots of things were done. The wardrobe department had a section setup that displayed some costumes from some of the most recent movies. Some of the costumes were well designed. Some of the costumes were things that I can’t imagine you could find at any stores that custom make fur coats for women. The fur from 101 Dalmations is just hideous looking. I am glad that my wife isn’t into fur coats. I can only imagine what she would come home with.

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Our Little One Is Growing Up

Many years ago my wife and I discussed that there would come a time when our little one would start to grow tired of Disney.  Now I don’t mean Disney World, but I mean all of the little Disney things.  She used to love having Disney posters, and stuffed animals around her room.  Now she wants things that a older girls wants.  Music posters, and stuff like that.  She doesn’t mind going to Disney World because we go to the parks that she wants, and go on rides that she wants.  We don’t make her go on the little kiddie rides anymore because she is very emotional about things.

When she started school this year we asked her if she was going to use her Disney backpack anymore, and she immediatelly told us NO.  I guess that she didn’t want to feel out of place.  This caused us to have to go buy her a new backpack.  The one we got looked more like the hiking backpacks look like.  This is what she chose, and we don’t want her to feel out of place now that she is in 6th grade.

When did you have to make major changes for your child?

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