Disney Toys She Won’t Get Rid Of

For many years my daughter has been going to Disney World.  She loves getting, and buying Disney toys.  Each year that she went she used to purchased Mr Potato Head items.  She has a rather large collection of them now.  She also got a Magic Kingdom Playset when she was much younger.  I thought the Magic Kingdom Playset was pretty cool because she got to play “in” the Magic Kingdom when we weren’t there.

We were looking to clean out some of her playroom the other day, and we asked her about those things because she just doesn’t play with them anymore.  She told us that she didn’t want to get rid of them yet.  I guess it works out for us because when younger children come over to our house with their parents we have something for them to play with.

I don’t know where she gets the hoarding from, but she needs to learn now that it isn’t a good thing to hold onto things forever.  I have a small Star Wars collection, but that is a different story.  I loved Star Wars as a child, and I have accumulated a rather large collection of games, toys, and more that don’t get used by anyone.  One day when I am much older, and broke I will see what they are worth.

Do you have a collection of things that you won’t get rid of either?

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Disney Collectibles Of Ours

Recently the wife, and I started cleaning out sections of the house.  We do this roughly once a year in the hopes to get rid of things so we don’t become packrats when we get old.  We ran into a lot of my Disney collection which has monorail trains, board games, and more.  Then we found a few textbooks from when my brother in law was in school.  The most interesting find of the Disney stuff was a full set of Disney’s Wonderful World of Knowledge books.  Being that most were in some pretty bad shape we decided that they had done their job, and we would relieve them of duty.  They probably would have had some collector value, but they weren’t in any shape to be saved.

I am continually collecting Star Wars memorabalia, and getting some of it back from my parents from when I was a child.  I have a very extensive collection, and it will continue to sit until we can find a place to show it.  The same goes for the Disney stuff.  The monorail is the one thing that I want to have going around my back porch.  I just have to get some money together to buy more track, and then my plans will be complete.

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