Adventurers Club Props Appear On Backlot

I don’t know about the Adventurers Club like most people do because we were only there once, but the Pleasure Island part of Downtown Disney is something that I knew of rather well from my earlier years.  I roller skated there at the multi-floor skating facility, we went to the Comedy Warehouse, and went to many other locations.

I was checking out some of the stuff that Jeff Lange has been posting from one of his upcoming visits to Disney World.  He had photos of some props from the now extinct Adventurers Club.  They were found on the backlot in Hollywood Studios.  I still don’t understand why they would end up there unless they are going to use them for something else down the road.  The items that were on most of the buildings were secured in such ways that one would think that they were mostly useless at this point.  From one of the photos it looks like they used some sort of cutting tools to remove the tail section of the plane.

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