How Many Computer Techs Do They Have?

I am a 15+ year computer technician, and I am continuously learning something for my business.  I have discussed with my wife many times the option of us moving to Florida, and me getting a job with Disney.  I know Disney needs computer techs because more than 1/2 of their operation is computerized.  Disney has techs for the audioanimatronics, registers, and even the little known document management system that they have.  They must have a lot of techs.

There is a great need for techs that know what they are doing, and I am someone that would fit in well as far as I am concerned.  The biggest question is whether, or not Disney pays the brains for the work they actually do.  I guess I will have to wait until I know they are offering a lot of money, and then take a shot at it.

Maybe if I can’t get one of those jobs I can try to get a job testing Disney video games.

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