Disney DVC Bay Lake Tower

I remember as a child going to the Contemporary Resort for New Years.  I was put into one of Disney Worlds Largest Arcades.  (At that time.)  I tried to find that arcade last time we were there, but I do fully believe that like Walt himself… it has come to an end.  I have been through the Contemporary many times in the past few years, and it has changed a bit.  We still go there for Chef Mickeys restaurant.  Chef Mickeys is a buffet, and there are characters there that will greet you from time to time when they go through.

Now that there is a whole new section of the Contemporary it makes me want to actually stay there, because I have always wanted to stay in a “Room with a view.”

If you get the right room booked you can have a spectacular view of the Magic Kingdom.  At night you have a excellent view of the fireworks, and of the Water Electric Parade. 

From what I have seen in the demo room that was setup at Coronado Springs the Bay Lake Tower is going to have modern furniture.  I liked what I saw, but not staying there yet I can’t give a firsthand account of what it actually looks like in finished stage.

I have read that the points are quite different at Bay Lake Tower.  Each DVC resort has its own unique point structure.  I have recently changed my thoughts on the most economical point usage resort.  This is now Animal Kingdom Villas.  Old Key West was originally the cheapest points, but that has actually changed.

If I get a chance to get a tour while I am there in late March / early April then I will get some real photos, and let you know what I think.

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DVC Bay Lake Tower

I don’t know much about this resort, as it isn’t open yet, but here are some videos that I have found on it.

and here is another.

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