Starting To Prepare Odds N Ends For Cruise

I have learned a lot of different things about cruising being that I have been on 4 Disney cruises already.  I have recently offered my help in being the group leader for both of our upcoming Disney Dream cruises.  I will be the person that organizes the spreadsheets, and comes up with the group pins for wearing around the boat.

I learned a valuable lesson on our second cruise.  That was to put a laptop in a laptop case, and not use things like briefcases.  I used a briefcase originally because I felt it was more structurally sound than a laptop case.  I was originally under the thought that a passport wasn’t needed.  According to the passport site you don’t need one for most cruises.  Disney wants passports for all their cruises.

When planning for Fish Extenders be sure to check over your groups spreadsheet.  Miscounting one person could be a bad thing.  Having a group t-shirt for your family is a good thing because you will be able to find your party easily.  For those that like to decorate their rooms there is some important information for you.  Disney has mentioned imposing fees for damaging stateroom doors.  Use magnets when possible.  They will not damage doors.

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