What Happens To Toontown & The Homes Of the Mice?

If you have ever been to Walt Disney World, then you know that at the back of the Magic Kingdom sits 2 homes that belong to the 2 Head Cheeses… (No Pun Intended!)  Well, if you haven’t been there, then here is some information.  Mickeys Toontown was created at the back of the Magic Kingdom.  It is home to Goofy’s Barnstormer, Donalds boat, Mickeys house, Minnies house, and Judges Tent.  There is also a train station at the back of Toontown.

While the public has no idea when the refurbishment will start I will venture to guess that it will more than likely start after the Easter holiday concludes.  I have been to Disney a lot, and historically they seem to do a lot of their changes after this date.

Judges Tent is a place for children to meet several “groups” of Disney characters.  It is also home of some Disney merchandise.

Goofys Barnstormer is a childs roller coaster.

Donalds boat is a playarea for children.  The S.S. Miss Daisy has some leaks in her, so you may get wet.

Mickeys house features a house that is in total disarray. 

Minnies house is a clean house with everything in its place.  Her house features her craft room, living room, kitchen, garden, and her office.  Put on your best makeup, and face creams because on occasion you can meet Minnie in the backyard.

When the proposed Fantasyland refurbishment happens what will happen to our hosts homes?  I don’t know, but I hope that they do something, as “It all began with a Mouse.”

D23 FantasyLand Rendition

In the new Fantasyland they have stated that you will be able to meet with the princesses at their homes, Ariel will be getting her own area finally, and Dumbo will be getting a huge overhaul.

While this overhaul will take a serious amount of time I think it will be a good thing for some change to come to the Magic Kingdom.  This will also help Disney considerable because the park limit will now be increased, which will result in more revenue.

I will post tomorrow with other renditions of the proposed Fantasyland that were presented at D23.

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