Disney Cruise Line Stateroom Decorating

For those that are going to be cruising onboard a Disney Cruise please take the time to read this.  Please understand that if I can understand their reasons that you should also.  Disney does put a lot of time, and money into their ships, and while they want everyone to enjoy themselves they don’t want to have to maintain things that shouldn’t be damaged under normal use.

I made things for my cruises back some time ago, and if you cannot find a way to express your thoughts, then please let me know, and I will be more than willing to give you some thoughts.

I make custom graphics, shirts, magnets, Fish Extenders, and more.  Please let me know if you have an idea, or if you have no idea, and I can make everything magical.




More and more guests are choosing to express their family pride and enthusiasm for Disney Cruise Line by decorating their stateroom doors aboard our ships.

As you might imagine, it is very important to us to keep our facilities looking their best for all our guests.

As part of our commitment to this area of focus, we ask that guests no longer affix anything to their stateroom door utilizing any adhesive or tape.

We have found that these adhesives damage the finish on the stateroom doors and therefore ask that guests limit door decoration to those of the magnetic variety.

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