Disney Trip Travelling

We are going to Disney World in November 2009, and April 2010.  The wife, and daughter will be going with me for 1 entire week this time.  We have found that staying much less doesn’t pay.

We are continually looking for cheap airline tickets.  We have found over the past few years that during the times that we want to go away we usually run into the great pricing war.  Basically the one with the lowest of the highest prices wins.

For my family we try to fly out of Atlantic City International.  Cheap flights is what Spirit Airlines advertises most of the time.  The only real catch is that they want you to be part of the $9 fare club.  This club sounds intriguing, but in all reality getting those airline tickets ends up costing just about what some of the others are charging.

Flying out of Orlando can be very easy if you are looking for discount seats.  The only thing you have to possibly deal with is a stop off enroute to your destination.  We did this one year, and we vowed to each other that we would never do it again on such a short timed flight.  Maybe if we ever go out to California, or something, but not to Orlando, or back home to Atlantic City.

We have finally decided that we are just going to drive to Disney World.  For one we don’t have to worry about a rental car when we get there, and another benefit is that I will only really spend on gas, and time out of work.

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