Disney Cakes Made My Daughter Go Crazy

My daughter is not a simple child to please.  Recently she was going through our DVR recordings, and ran into the Cake Boss episode with the Cinderella Castle.  She now says she wants him to make her a cake for her 16th birthday.  I can only hope that I either get rich, or he moves so that I don’t have to worry about getting her any cakes like that.

She has watched some of the previous cake making competitions in Disney, and she goes absolutelly bonkers when she sees them.  She keeps telling us that she would eat the entire cake.  If she only realized how much they cost, and how much of a cholesterol treatment one would need if they ate the entire cake.  I also don’t think she understands the sheer magnitude of these cakes.

Hey Buddy… If you are reading this, or catch wind of this then please let me know if I can come by and talk to you.  Thanks.

Does anyone have the talent to actually make a cake that is Disney themed, and would you be willing to let my daughter try it out?

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