Wife Wants Disney World Walking Trails

Today the wife has hit me with the thoughts of walking some of the trails in Disney World while we are there in late March / early April.  I asked her if she had a lapse of thoughts because the amount of walking that we do in the parks is enough to make me weak at the knees.  She told me that irregardless of vacationing she needs to keep up her daily routine no matter what.  I told her I would do some research, and find the info she needed.

I told her that the one that I liked most would be the walk in Fort Wilderness.  Why is that you ask… Well, I can easily rent a golf cart, and pace behind her in case she needs to stop, or decides to stop.  Granted I can’t take the cart to all of the walking trail, but a good portion of it.  The path leads from the beginning of Ft. Wilderness, and goes all the way to the Wilderness Lodge.

She seems to like this idea, and also I can stop off at the arcades, eat a nice meal at Trails End, or even just sit down, and take a break.  She said she is going to give this trail a try, and she is also now doing her own digging into other trails to see if there are any others that might suit her better.  For me I will just keep doing what I am doing, and if I really need some weight loss maybe I will just consult with some xenadrine reviews.

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Dining in Disney World

We are finalizing our upcoming vacation plans for Disney World currently.  We have made a decision to go on the food plan this trip so that I can evaluate its worth.

When dining in Disney World you know you are eating some real good food, but I have also found that the foods are very rich in various toxins that the body doesn’t need.  While this isn’t bad for an occassional meal, eating this way everyday for a week could be detrimental.  I found a few other sites that people feel the same, and regularly invest in colon cleansers that they use after their trip.

I love steak, and when we go to Disney World I try to get to the Pepper Market whenever possible.  The ribeye at that location is superb.  Canada is another place that has good steak.  I try to get my moneys worth out of my food.

Another place that I enjoy dining at is Coral Reef at the Living Seas.  We usually eat fish when we are there, and we all enjoy the meal.  My daughter has been eating fish meals, which is truly amazing for her, as she always says she doesn’t like them when we are at home.  Must be a Disney thing.

My wife is eating a lot of salads currently, as she is trying to watch what she eats, and Disney isn’t exactly dieter friendly.  You may get to walk a lot while you are there, but the eating will make you need to walk twice as much as you normally could.

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