Video Tapes Keep Piling Up

Each year when we go to Disney, or the cruise we always take @3-4 tapes for our video camera.  Last year I started transferring all the tapes from our camcorders to dvd, or Blu-ray.  I am now looking at a pile of tapes that I am sure can be used a second time, but I also have had bad experiences with reusing tapes.  For some reason we lost a whole vacation because we video taped it on second run tapes that we had.  We now use one of many recording devices so that I don’t have as much work to do in transferring them to dvd, or blu-ray.  If you are going to purchase a camcorder try to find one that has a firewire port on it.  This is one of the best ways to transfer video for editing, and movie making.

Having multiple recording devices has helped us out.  We have 2 Flip cameras, and 1 DV camcorder.  On top of that we have multiple cameras that go with us to Disney.  Word to the wise… Bring a extra memory card for your cameras so that you don’t have to worry about downloading the camera each night while in Disney.

Usually I have extra memory cards, but for the most part I download the photos nightly into our laptop so that we can sort through them before the count gets out of hand.

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Midship Detective Agency

Onboard the Disney Dream during the first 4 nights of our back to back 7 night cruise we decided to check out the Midship Detective Agency.  This is an interactive mystery that is available to everyone.  There are 2 different cases, and the outcome is the same each time no matter how many times you do the case.

We went to Deck 5, and got our detective card.  You also get a map of the interactive locations around the ship.  When you get to each location you hold the detective card up and the photos on the wall give clues as to help solve the mystery at hand.  They worked almost like those barcode scanners at the stores.

Due to time management issues we didn’t get to do the second case.  This was a fun thing to help pass a little bit of time on the ship.  We weren’t told that you had to return the card, but we did.  When you are done with the case you return the card to the same location on Deck 5.

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Recommended Disney Android Apps

I am continually looking for good Android apps for my Disney experiences.  I have recently compiled a list of a few of them for you.  You will need the Barcode Reader app installed to use the QR codes below.

  • Ship Mate – Disney Cruise (Jan Jirout)

This app by far is the best app I have found.  Interactive maps, and information about the cruise ships.  You can also see the schedules.

  • Disney Channel TV
  • Days Left Widget (

This app makes a little countdown on your screen.

  • Disney World Wait Times (VersaEdge Software)

This app lets you view, and also update wait times for attractions throughout the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

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My Daughter Has Concerns

For several years we were told that our daughter has eczema.  Knowing this we are cautious about everything we do that might effect her.  Going on a cruise in a little over a month brings this back to light.  My wife is questioning the doctor, and if we should change doctors because he is saying she doesn’t have eczema, and yet I don’t think you just lose eczema.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Going on the cruise there will be sun, and moist air for the most part, but there will be some dry times, and that is the times that we worry about.  What is the most common eczema treatment that you have heard of?  I know I also don’t want to have to see the ship doctor because they charge big numbers for that, and I don’t think they accept medical insurance.

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Cruise Eating

Disney Cruise food is excellent.  I am sure if you have been on a Disney Cruise that you know this as well.  There is always something good at your table, and the deck parties bring even more dangerous eating to the situation.  We leave for our cruise in @40 days.  While this is great we have all been concerned that we are going to come back looking like “Augustus” from Willy Wonka.  This concern comes because after cruising Disney 3+ times we know the kind of food that they serve, and how much we “CAN” eat.  We have decided that even though we are on vacation we will have to breakdown, and attempt to use the fitness center on the boat.  Here is how I plan on getting around all of this… I will make sure that my pre workout supplement consists of lots of good food, and I will just have to workout just a bit more to get it off after.

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